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Leveraging a powerful network of affiliates, USCIB advocates, facilitates and serves as a proactive resource for our members.


2017 International Leadership Award Dinner
USCIB's Annual Dinner on November 28 honored the CEO of Mastercard Ajay Banga and celebrated sustainability


USCIB Applauds Progress at Bonn Climate Conference
USCIB welcomed progress on priority topics for American business in the recent UN climate discussions in Bonn (COP23)


Climate Change



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No other American business organization provides its members with better access to key intergovernmental bodies worldwide.

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USCIB advocates for international regulatory regimes that recognize the essential role business plays in building a prosperous global economy and by applying American business ideas to major world challenges…

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USCIB provides a suite of trade related products and services which can help businesses save time, save money and gain the knowledge necessary in order to compete effectively in the global marketplace…

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USCIB Emphasizes Government Role in Labor Migration Policy at International Labor Conference in Geneva

USCIB’s Vice President for Corporate Responsibility and Labor Affairs took part in the International Labor Conference and gave remarks at the Committee for Labor Migration, emphasizing the important role the ILO has to play in ensuring that labor migration policies are grounded in sound facts in order to assist governments in devising and implementing policies in ways that work for both employers and workers.

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    December 15 at

    The December 15 USCIB Environment Committee will meet in Washington DC. Please contact Mia Lauter for details: mlauter@uscib.org

  • Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

    December 18 - December 22 at Palace of Culture and Communication (PALCCO)

    The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multistakeholder space that facilitates the discussion and dialogue of public policy issues pertaining to the...

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