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USCIB Cheers Senate Passage of Trade Promotion Authority
USCIB hailed the passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) by the U.S. Senate today, as the bill cleared its final legislative hurdle.


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USCIB Conference Assesses Status of Controversial BEPS Project
USCIB convened the tenth annual OECD International Tax Conference, in Washington, D.C. from June 10-11.


Competitiveness and Innovation

USCIB President and CEO Peter Robinson at a press conference in Lima, Peru on December 8. “If a global agreement on climate change doesn’t work for and with businesses, it just won’t work,” he said.


In FT USCIB Urges Stronger Business Participation in UN Climate Talks
“If a global agreement on climate change doesn’t work for and with businesses, it just won’t work.”


- Peter Robinson
President and CEO of the USCIB

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UN Climate Talks: Why the Private Sector Needs to Be Involved Now

USCIB wants to make sure negotiators do not miss the opportunity to anchor business in climate deliberations. United Nations engagement with the private sector is imperative.

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Event Recap: Promoting Inclusive Growth in the Digital Economy

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Sepulveda provided keynote remarks at our ICT policy conference hosted by USCIB in partnership with the OECD and the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD. The conference highlighting the OECD’s role in framing regulatory discussions about the future of the Internet.

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