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Accepts ATA Carnets for:

  • Commercial Samples
  • Exhibitions and Fairs
  • Professional Equipment

Visit AUSTRIA Customs at: AustriaCustoms.govt

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Weidner Hauptstrasse 63
P.O. Box 197
A-1045 Vienna

Tel: (43) 05 09 900 4412
Fax: (43) 05 90 900 114 412/ 114 458

WWW Site:

Special Considerations

We are unaware of any specific requirements for Carnet use in Austria.

Staff Contact:   Elizabeth Cafaro

Business Development and Membership Assistant
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As a member of USCIB’s Policy Team, Policy and Program Assistants work to support the mission of the organization on an array of issues ranging from Growth, Jobs and Open Market; Competitiveness and Innovation; Sustainable Development; and Business and Society.

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