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What Charges Might I Face?

Duties, Taxes and Penalties; Regularizaton Fees
A Carnet allows the temporary importation of merchandise without the deposit of taxes (e.g., value-added taxes, VAT) and duties or the purchase of an import bond.  With a customs claim for which there is no proof of re-exportation, duties, taxes and usually a penalty (10% of the duty and taxes) will become payable.  

This VAT chart is a general reference guide. Actual taxes and duties may vary.

Regularization Fees and Penalties
Foreign customs may charge a Regularization Fee if the re-exportation counterfoil was not validated by a customs inspector upon re-exportation or if proof of re-exportation is submitted more than 6 months after the customs claims date (for the Netherlands ONLY).  The amount of this fee and its application vary from country to country. 


Countries known to impose a Regularization Fee are:


93.60 Euros


90 Euros


7170  RSD  (Serbian Dinars)


50 - 250 CHF (Swiss Francs)


10% of import duties

No<1,000 Baht & No>20,000 Baht

Countries known to impose Penalties are:


30 – 5,000 SGD (Singapore Dollars) and GST/duties where applicable


500 - 5,000 (AED)


850 - 17,000 (UAH)


USCIB Claims Handling Fees

Effective October 21, 2014:


Claim Payment to Foreign Customs

Claims Handling Fee (minimum)

$1 to $150


$151 to $1,000


$1,001 to $2,500


$2,501 to $5,000


$5,001 to $7,500


$7,501 to $10,000


Over $10,000

5% of the amount paid; Maximum of $4,000



USCIB reserves the right to assess any charges on any claims that require excessive claim Examiners’ time; telephone, facsimile or postage charges; and other situations that cause financial or other loss to USCIB as a result of misuse of an ATA Carnet



October 21, 2014