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August 28, 2013: Indonesia Moves Toward Accepting “Merchandise                  Passports”





June 13, 2013: Now Available in USCIB International Bookstore: Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations




May 30, 2013: World Trade Week NYC Spotlights Small-Business Export










May 8, 2013:  ICC Publishes Latest Book in Best-Selling Series on Incoterms® Rules









April 18, 2013: New Guide to Letter of Credit Law in China









April 18, 2013: Madagascar Joins ATA Carnet System for Temporary Imports






ATA Carnet


eCertificates of Origin

International Bookstore

2/20/13: Albania to Begin Accepting “Merchandise Passports”

7/6/12: USCIB Expands Its Trade Services With New Electronic Certificates of Origin

3/13/13: New Model Contract for International Sales

7/10/12: Merchandise Passports Gain a Foothold South of the Border


2/19/2013: New Trade Finance Rules for Forfaiting

5/15/12: World Trade Week in New York Celebrates Export Success



4/5/12: Get Ready for the Mexico G20 Summit With Essential Resources from USCIB

4/5/12: Get Ready for the Mexico G20 Summit With Essential Resources from USCIB


7/21/11:  New Guide to Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees

2/7/12: Merchandise Passports Showcased at Abu Dhabi Energy Summit


1/2011: INCOTERMS® 2012: New Terms Released January 2011


1/23/12: Dubai Chamber and US Council for International Business Seek Stronger ATA Carnet Cooperation



1/2011:The Latest ICC Incoterms® 2010 Guide Offers Present-Day Trade Practices

1/11/11: The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Equipment Overseas


11/23/10: Incoterms® 2010: Avoiding the “Wet Blanket” Syndrome


9/28/11: United Arab Emirates to Expand ATA Carnet System to Abu Dhabi


9/16/2010: Incoterms® 2010: Revised Trade Rules for an Interconnected World

Archived ATA Carnet News


7/14/10: Big Changes Coming to Global Shipment and Delivery Terms




12/3/07: New From ICC Books USA: Commentary on UCP 600




10/7/05: ICC Books USA: Under New Management