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USCIB in the News

USCIB and our global business network are the subject of regular coverage in major U.S. and world media. In addition, our members and staff frequently contribute op-eds, letters and columns to leading publications.


USCIB staff experts are available to speak on a wide variety of issues in international commerce and public policy. For more information, please contact Jonathan Huneke, VP Communications (+1 212.703.5043,


Click the links below to access recent articles featuring USCIB and our global network. Most links will take you outside of USCIB’s website. News websites may require registration or a paid subscription to view articles.



Smaller shippers likely beneficiaries of WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Journal of Commerce - April 28, 2015

The WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement, when ratified, will simplify and harmonize the flow of trade information from shippers and other supply chain partners into agencies responsible for monitoring and regulating trade. USCIB's Kristin Isabelli is quoted.


US Treasury pressures Tony Abbott to drop 'Google tax'

Australian Financial Review - April 28, 2015

The Obama administration is pressuring the government of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to back away from plans to target American technology multinationals with higher taxes in next month's federal budget. USCIB’s Carol Doran Klein is quoted.


Too much on the table? How businesses should approach the SDGs

Devex - April 14, 2015

The proposed post-2015 development agenda currently consists of 17 goals and 169 targets. From a business standpoint, how should the private sector make sense of these? Watch this video interview with USCIB’s Norine Kennedy


Fatca’s big brother - April 13, 2015

The Common Reporting Standard is the OECD’s global rule requiring firms to report on customers’ assets and incomes in a bid to target tax evasion. But banks are complaining about unclear guidance, extra costs and logistical difficulties in the scramble to comply with CRS. USCIB’s Carol Doran Klein is quoted.


Students Travel To D.C. To Discuss Antitrust Law With Federal Officials

Duke Today - April 6, 2015

Duke university undergraduate students met with the chair of USCIB's Competition Policy Committee, among others, during their visit to Washington, D.C. as part of their research into the politics of market competition in the global economy.


Sustainable Partnership: Security and the Post-2015 Development Goals

World Politics Review - March 17, 2015

An overview of the UN's development of Sustainable Development Goals quotes USCIB's Norine Kennedy.


FTC's Brill Backs Enhanced Consumer 'Right To Obscurity'

Law360 - March 10, 2015

Addressing USCIB's Internet policy conference (held jointly with BIAC and the OECD), Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill says looking to aspects of a contentious European ruling on the “right to be forgotten” could help inform U.S. consumer protections.


On trade, time for US to play offense

The Hill - March 9, 2015

An op-ed by USCIB President and CEO Peter Robinson and former Congressman James Bacchus argues that the United States needs to capitalize on changes in global economics and energy markets to go on the offensive and negotiate new, market-opening trade agreements.


US Business Groups Add To Calls For DTA Approvals

Tax News - February 24, 2015

USCIB joined several other business organizations in urging Congressional action on pending bilateral double taxation agreements (DTAs) and protocols.


Ditching investor-state dispute settlement may come at quite a cost

Financial Times - February 9, 2015

A letter to the editor from ICC Secretary General John Danilovich forcefully rebuts some of the more widespread canards, circulating in Europe and elsewhere, concerning investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS).


Make 2015 the year of trade

American Shipper - February 2015

In his regular American Shipper column, Jerry Cook of HanesBrands, chair of USCIB’s Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee, writes that, with several market-opening trade agreements nearing completion, 2015 should be a banner year for trade policy.


USCIB Slams UK’s Google Tax

Politico – December 16, 2014

US Business Attacks Proposed UK Diverted Profits Tax

Tax-News – December 17, 2014

Tax-News and Politico’s morning tax brief picked up a USCIB press release that criticized the UK’s newly proposed “Google tax,” a new higher tax rate of 25 percent on profits deemed diverted out of the UK by multinational companies. USCIB’s Carol Doran Klein is quoted.


Business Calls for Greater Say in Climate Talks

Financial Times – December 10, 2014

Business leaders have called for a much bigger say in UN talks shaping a global climate deal in Paris in 2015, in a sign of growing concern about how the agreement may affect the private sector. USCIB President and CEO Peter Robinson is quoted: “We want to find an opportunity where we are more inside the tent than on the sidelines.”


Unleashing the Potential of the World’s Informal Sector to Create Jobs and Tackle Poverty

Huffington Post – December 5, 2014

Executive director of the Center for International Private Enterprise John Sullivan makes explains what reforms are necessary to bring informal sector workers into the legal economy. He cites Louise Kantrow, ICC’s permanent representative to the UN.


Counterfeiting: When imitation isn’t flattery

The Globe and Mail – November 25, 2014

ICC is cited in a report on global counterfeit and pirated goods and the threat counterfeit goods pose to businesses and their bottom line.


International Chamber of Commerce Leaders Paint Rosy Picture for U.S. Trade Agenda

Bloomberg BNA - November 21, 2014

USCIB’s Washington, D.C. office was the site of a timely media briefing with leaders of the International Chamber of Commerce, who reviewed progress on the U.S. Trade Agenda. ICC Secretary General John Danilovich is quoted.


Action will come out of G20: McGraw Hill chair

CNBC – November 14, 2014

Interview with ICC Chairman Terry McGraw on the G20 trade agenda.


India-US agreement on food stockpiling welcomed

Indo-Asian News Service – November 14, 2014

WTO head Roberto Azevedo welcomed the India-US deal on food stockpiling which clears the way for implementing the international trade agreements reached last year at the Bali ministerial. ICC Secretary General John Danilovich is quoted.


ICC Calls for Policymakers to Pre-empt BEPS Double Tax Risks

Tax News – November 6, 2014

ICC has said that OECD BEPS Action Plan may unintentionally increase the complexity of the international tax system and, if implemented in a fractured manner, could cause an increase in double taxation.


Private Sector Can Boost Growth in Landlocked Developing Countries – Senior UN Official

All Africa – November 4, 2014

Private sector engagement is key to accelerating development in the world's 32 landlocked developing countries (LLDCs), said delegates at the Second United Nations Conference on LLDCs. The article quotes Louise Kantrow, ICC’s permanent representative to the UN.