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USCIB in the News

USCIB and its global network of business affiliates are the subject of regular coverage in major U.S. and world media. In addition, our members and staff author frequent op-eds, letters and columns in leading publications.


USCIB staff experts are available to speak on a wide variety of issues affecting international commerce and the operations of America’s leading global companies. For more information, please contact Jonathan Huneke, VP Communications (+1 212.703.5043,


Click the links below to access recent articles featuring USCIB and our global network. Most links will take you outside of USCIB’s website. News websites may require registration or a paid subscription to view articles.



US business criticises Australia’s ‘opaque’ foreign investment approval process

Australian Financial Review - June 10, 2014

USCIB says Australia’s foreign investment approval process is “opaque”, after a key Australian official concedes that politics influenced the government’s rejection of a major proposed takeover by ADM in the sensitive farming sector.


USCIB tax conference coverage:

GOP Lawmakers Caution OECD Tax Plan Could Harm U.S.

The Wall Street Journal - June 3, 2014

USCIB's Klein: No More Columns Likely To Be Removed From Reporting Template

Bloomberg BNA - June 6, 2014

Data 'dance' seen as challenge to world corporate tax crackdown

Reuters - June 3, 2014

Developing Countries Not Ready to Enforce Global Tax Evasion Rules - June 3, 2014

US companies warn on foreign tax threat

Financial Times - June 2, 2014

Video: OECD tax chief talks global tax rules - June 2, 2014

U.S. corporate lobbying up on OECD anti-tax dodging push

Reuters - May 30, 2014



The 2014 OECD International Tax Conference, the ninth in a series of annual gatherings jointly organized by USCIB, BIAC and the OECD, was the scene of timely discussion of the OECD/G20 project to curtail “base erosion and profit shifting” (BEPS and related global tax topics).


Kamran elected member of ILO governing body

Financial Express (Bangladesh) - June 8, 2014

Kamran Rahman, former president of Bangladesh Employers' Federation has been elected as a member of the Governing Body of the International Labor Organization (ILO). He was also elected Asia-Pacific regional vice president of the International Organization of Employers (IOE).


Make Money, End Poverty

Foreign Policy - June 6, 2014

Corporations really could make the world a better place – if only the U.N. and state governments would treat them as equal partners. USCIB's Norine Kennedy is quoted.


New CBP chief creates new opportunities

American Shipper - June 2014

In his regular column, Jerry Cook of HanesBrands, chair of USCIB’s Customs Committee, says new U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske’s experience and expertise will play an integral role in furthering the goal of simultaneously securing the border and expediting the at-the-border trade process, vital to exports and imports.


Trade Advocates Eye Kerlikowske With Hope

Journal of Commerce - May 28, 2014

Gil Kerlikowske, the newly appointed commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, has little experience in international affairs. Nevertheless, business groups are pleased with his appointment. USCIB's Kristin Isabelli and Rob Mulligan are quoted.


Is 'insourcing' enough to boost the U.S. economy?

Marketplace - May 24, 2014

As the White House touts its record on "insourcing" – companies making investments and expanding in the U.S. – USCIB’s Shaun Donnelly wonders why the Obama administration neglects outbound investment and its positive impact on U.S. exports and jobs.


Environmental, Business Groups At Odds Over Green Goods Initiative

Inside U.S. Trade - May 28, 2014

Environmental and business associations are advocating different approaches to an initiative aimed at liberalizing trade in environmental goods, with business groups advocating for tariff elimination on products that go beyond the initial Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) list. USCIB's Norine Kennedy is quoted.


'Stakeholders' sound off to U.S., EU negotiators

PoliticoPro - May 21, 2014

Kontroverse über Freihandelsabkommen

Die Welt (Germany) - May 22, 2014

Negli Stati Uniti entrano nel vivo i negoziati per il TTIP

Euronews - May 21, 2014

Investor protection hot issue at US-EU trade talks

DPA (Germany) - May 21, 2014

As the latest round of transatlantic trade and investment talks got underway outside Washington, D.C., tempers flared over the issue of investor-state dispute resolution. USCIB’s Shaun Donnelly is quoted.


Premier Li Stresses Fairness in Business

Xinhua (China) - May 16, 2014

Exclusive: Int'l Chamber of Commerce eyes quality growth in China

CCTV (China) - May 13, 2014

On the occasion of an ICC regional meeting in Beijing, USCIB and ICC Chairman Terry McGraw meets with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, and is interviewed on Chinese television on China’s role in the global economy and ICC’s priorities in promoting cross-border trade and investment.


USCIB's Klein: No More Columns Likely To Be Removed From Reporting Template

BNA Transfer Pricing Report - May 9, 2014

It is unlikely the OECD will delete more columns from its proposed country-by-country reporting template. “What I have heard from the OECD is that [the template] isn't likely to get any shorter,” said Carol Doran Klein, vice president and international tax counsel with USCIB.


ICC calls on online advertisers to step up

SMEweb (UK) - May 9, 2014

ICC has called for companies involved in digital advertising to collaborate on safeguards to prevent or reduce advertisement misplacement on websites which promote or facilitate illegal activity.


Piracy: Lowest First Quarter Figures Since 2007

Maritime Executive - April 24, 2014

The ICC’s International Maritime Bureau IIMB) has revealed that piracy on the world’s seas is at its lowest first-quarter level since 2007, but warns that the threat is still present.


Business attacks international tax swoop on tech groups

Financial Times - April 23, 2014

Business groups have hit back at moves to pile heavier corporate taxes on to digital companies, arguing that governments risk interfering with “one of the great economic success stories of the past 20 years.” USCIB’s Carol Doran Klein is quoted.


OECD denies new rules are biased against low-tax countries

Financial Times - April 2, 2014

Small, low-tax countries such as Ireland stand to benefit from the looming crackdown on tax avoidance by multinationals even though they will no longer be able to route profits to tax havens, according to officials drawing up plans to overhaul the international tax system. A USCIB statement on the proposed rules changes is cite.


ICC Warns of False Oil Fraud Claims

Ship & Bunker - March 31, 2014

ICC: Be alert to oil scams

Bunkerworld - March 28, 2014

Scams involving false claims of oil fraud designed to extort money from owners may be on the rise, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) warns.


Libero scambio, due priorità per l'Italia

24 Ore (Italy) - March 28, 2014

Les PME américaines peu portées sur l'export

Les Echos (France) – March 27, 2014

Große Hoffnung für kleine Unternehmen

Die Welt (Germany) - March 27, 2014

Un président américain en soutien d'un partenariat commercial transatlantique en manque de souffle

Les Echos (France) - March 26, 2014

As the latest round of U.S.-EU talks get underway, USCIB’s Shaun Donnelly is quoted in several European dailies on the prospects for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.


OECD Draft on Digital Economy Fails to Make Case for Dramatic Changes, Practitioners Say

Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report – March 28, 2014

USCIB’s Carol Doran Klein is quoted extensively in this assessment of an OECD discussion draft of tax issues related to cross-border digital business.


Barrington business, Congressman Peter Roskam talk trade regulations

Barrington (Illinois) Courrier-Review - March 25, 2014

An area member of Congress drops in to meet with the Corporation for International Business, one of USCIB’s service providers for the issuing of ATA Carnets (merchandise passports).


Großer Markt für kleine Firmen

Die Welt (Germany) - March 23, 2014

The U.S.-EU trade talks are a gigantic initiative and yet continue to plod along, and now the Crimea crisis threatens to divert attention from them. USCIB’s Shaun Donnelly is quoted.


Citing APEC privacy rules, FTC's Brill renews call for data-breach legislation

Inside Cyber Security - March 18, 2014

Speaking at a USCIB conference, Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill offered a five-step plan for restoring consumer confidence in the wake of recent data breaches.


US business fights G20 tax plan

The Australian - March 17, 2014

Big American business is fighting to derail Australia's Group of 20 plan to crack down on tax minimization by international companies, arguing the proposal is overwhelmingly targeting United States multinationals and would hurt their offshore investments. USCIB's Carol Doran Klein is quoted.


Who said it?

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) – March 17, 2014

ICC Secretary General Jean Guy-Carrier’s remarks on the prospects of economic sanctions against Russia are highlighted.


International Chamber of Commerce issues responsible alcohol marketing guide – March 14, 2014

ICC adopts new framework for alcohol marketing

Drinks Business Review - March 14, 2014

A new ICC framework for the responsible marketing of alcoholic beverages is highlighted.


The ‘I’ in the TTIP will create a global gold standard

Financial Times – March 11, 2014

A letter to the editor by USCIB President and CEO Peter Robinson, along with his counterparts from Danish and Swedish business federations, argues that strong investor-state dispute settlement provisions are an essential element in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.


World business leaders in Turkey for global economy

Turkish Press - March 6, 2014

The International Chamber of Commerce`s executive board members met in Ankara, the Turkish capital, to discuss recent developments in the global economy.


Business Group Asks OECD to Gut Country-by-Country Reporting Template

Bloomberg BNA - March 4, 2014

As the OECD weighs a radical rewrite of its transfer pricing guidelines, some in the business community are taking issue. A letter by BIAC members including USCIB is cited.


As Ottawa moves to crack down on foreign tax cheats, others warn unilateral action could cause ‘chaos’

The Province (Canada) – March 3, 2014

As the Canadian government attempts to widen its net on foreign tax cheats, it faces pushback from inside and outside Canada over concerns that efforts to capture more revenue could cause greater harm than good – especially to foreign investment in Canada. A USCIB letter to Canadian authorities is cited.


Accord Europe - Etats-Unis : les vraies difficultés commencent

Les Echos (France) - February 19, 2014

As trade ministers from the U.S. and EU renew their push toward a transatlantic trade accord, the going is getting harder than originally anticipated. USCIB’s Shaun Donnelly is quoted.


Hands Off the Internet, EU Tech Chief Warns U.S., UN

The Wall Street Journal – February 12, 2014

European Union technology chief Neelie Kroes staked out territory for the bloc at the center of reforming the Internet’s infrastructure, saying control shouldn’t be handed to the United Nations. ICC's BASIS (Business Action to Support the Information Society) initiative is cited.


Trade facilitation: Victory in Bali

American Shipper – February 2014

Capturing trade facilitation’s low-hanging fruit

American Shipper – October 2013

Successive columns by Jerry Cook of HanesBrands, who chairs USCIB's Customs & Trade Facilitation Committee, look at the opportunities in pending agreements in the World Trade Organization (October) and the results of the WTO ministerial in Indonesia that resulted in a major new agreement on trade facilitation (February).


Trade and the Environment

The New York Times – January 21, 2014

A letter to the editor by USCIB’s Norine Kennedy advocates using carrots rather than sticks in addressing environmental matters in U.S. trade agreements.


WTO must take inspiration from Bali pragmatism

Financial Times - December 12, 2013

Business salutes trade deal as WTO ‘delivers’

Financial Times - December 8, 2013

Seize this chance to ease cross-border trade

Financial Times - December 2, 2013

Business reaction to the WTO’s Bali ministerial, including a letter by ICC Honorary Chairman Victor Fung arguing that, in light of the trade facilitation agreement agreed in Bali, the WTO should retire its “single undertaking” approach to global trade negotiations.


OECD faces tough tax rules balancing act

Financial Times - November 12, 2013

A drive by world leaders to force multinationals to disclose where they make their profits and pay their taxes is proving the most difficult project for the OECD – which is leading the international crackdown on tax avoidance – for nearly 20 years. A USCIB statement is cited.


Coalition Calls for Renewal of TPA in Letter to Key Lawmakers

Bloomberg BNA – September 10, 2013

The Trade Benefits America Coalition, of which USCIB serves on the steering committee, sent a letter to key lawmakers urging the passage of updated Trade Promotion Authority legislation, citing it as a “critical tool” in pending trade agreements.


Toward a multilateral framework for investment

Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment – September 2, 2013

ICC’s Nicolle Graugnard writes about the current fall in foreign direct investment due to policy uncertainty in light of the multitude of international investment agreements and the need for multi-stakeholder negotiations on future agreements at the G20.


IFA: BEPS and the Future

Tax-News – August 30, 2013

William Morris, chairman of BIAC’s tax committee, served on the panel of the “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” seminar regarding the OECD’s Action Plan on BEPS and the political climate in different countries created by the discovery of various companies’ tax planning strategies.


Survey: World Economy Weakened in Second Quarter

The Journal of Commerce – August 14, 2013

Optimism dampens in global survey of economists

American Shipper – August 14, 2013

The global economy weakened in the second quarter of 2013, while North America showed signs of continuing recovery, according to the ICC/Ifo World Economic Survey.


Renewed Action on Trade: A Boost to Companies of All Sizes

DHL Delivering Tomorrow Blog – July 31, 2013

USCIB President Peter Robinson discusses why international trade is back at the top of the global agenda, spurred by a realization that barriers to cross-border commerce are increasingly a tax on one’s own competitiveness.


Mid-East divide bridged

The Australian – July 26, 2013

Commercial arbitration to bridge Middle East divide

Lawyers Weekly – August 2, 2013

High-profile Israeli and Palestinian lawyers met to discuss a historic commercial dispute resolution initiative called the Jerusalem Arbitration Center, which was formed out of a joint-venture agreement between ICC Palestine and ICC Israel.


ICC boosts Banking Commission

Trade Finance – July 26, 2013

ICC recruited three new technical advisors for its Commission on Banking.


Shortening the skills gap

The New Zealand Herald – July 25, 2013

BIAC Board Chairman Phil O’Reilly discusses the skills gap between New Zealand’s labor and job markets, as well as his priorities to address this unemployment issue.


American business warns Taoiseach over tobacco proposals

The Irish Times – July 24, 2013

USCIB, among other American business organizations, have urged the Taoiseach to reconsider the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco product companies, which would infringe trademark protection and branding.


Special Report: How big tech stays offline on tax

Reuters – July 23, 2013

Most big U.S. tech groups slip European tax net

Reuters – July 23, 2013

BIAC’s tax committee chairman, Will Morris, wrote a letter to OECD’s Center for Tax Policy expressing concern about proposed tax changes, mainly regarding issues of “permanent establishment,” that could threaten the basis on which multinationals are taxed and significantly impact trade. USCIB, as well as USCIB’s Carol Doran Klein, are cited.


Using Data to Fight Counterfeiting

The Huffington Post – July 19, 2013

Although counterfeit goods produced worldwide are estimated to worth around 2 percent of the global economy by 2015, according to ICC, companies and governments are beginning to use data techniques to reduce trade in counterfeit goods.


G20 backs fundamental reform of corporate taxation

Reuters – July 19, 2013*

Amazon told: time is up for tax avoidance

The Guardian – July 19, 2013

OECD unveils global crackdown on tax arbitrage by multinationals

Financial Times – July 19, 2013

Business reacts to the release of a key OECD report on taxation of global companies. USCIB and BIAC are cited.

*article ran in several publications, including Business Day (South Africa), RTE News (Ireland), CFO World, The Globe and Mail (Canada)


FCC to vote on E-Rate proposal - Email privacy reformers shooting for passage pre-recess

Politico – July 19, 2013

USCIB is mentioned in regard to a joint industry letter written on pending cyber-security legislation in the Congress.


Maritime Piracy Declines Across World, Except Off the Coast of West Africa

International Business Times – July 19, 2013

Piracy epicenter shifts to West Africa

The Hindu – July 17, 2013

Coverage of the ICC International Maritime Bureau’s semi-annual maritime piracy report.


Appointment of New Indian Competent Authority Gives Practitioners Optimism

Tax Analysts – July 16, 2013

Tax practitioners are cautiously optimistic that the bilateral relationships between the U.S. and India will improve following the appointment of India’s new competent authority. USCIB’s Carol Doran Klein is quoted.


With Great Opportunity Comes Great Responsibility: The Role of Business in Shaping Internet Policy

Business Computing World – July 15, 2013

Oracle Corp.’s Joseph Alhadeff, vice chair of USCIB’s Information, Communications and Technology Committee, analyzes the importance of updating policy frameworks surrounding the Internet to keep up with technology innovation.


U.S., China see progress in economic dialogue

MarketWatch – July 11, 2013

U.S. and Chinese officials said that two days of economic dialogue led to a commitment to jump-start talks on a bilateral investment treaty. USCIB’s Shaun Donnelly is quoted.


UBS-Vivendi Tie Ignored as Bias Charges Roil Treaty Disputes

Bloomberg Businessweek – July 10, 2013

ICC’s International Court of Arbitration is analyzed. Treaty based investor-state arbitration and support for this system is expanding worldwide.


EU-US trade talks positive signal to private sector

CNBC – July 8, 2013

Speaking live on CNBC’s WorldWide Exchange program, ICC Policy Manager Nicolle Graugnard said that a successful outcome from EU-U.S. trade deal talks would depend on the level of political engagement on both sides but that progress could be made.