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USCIB at a Glance

What Is USCIB?



·         Founded in 1945 to promote an open world trading system, now among the premier pro-trade, pro-market liberalization organizations

·         An active membership base of some 300 multinational companies, law firms and business associations

·         Provides unparalleled access to international policy makers and regulatory authorities

·         Over 50 specialized policy committees and working groups

·         U.S. affiliate of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD and the International Organization of Employers

·         Provides numerous business services to facilitate international trade

·         Issues and guarantees ATA Carnets, which allow temporary, duty-free imports overseas for trade shows, commercial samples and professional equipment

·         Serves as the exclusive U.S. representative for ICC’s multifaceted dispute resolution services



USCIB is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan (above), with offices in Washington, D.C. (below left) and a network of sister business organizations around the world. The Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce (below right) is USCIB’s oldest and largest affiliated global business organization.




Our Unique Role


Policy leadership
USCIB promotes American business views and solutions on a wide range of issues – from telecommunications to e-commerce to labor relations – directly to U.S. and international policy makers.


Global advocacy
Through its unique international affiliations, USCIB works to forge world business positions in support of U.S. corporate views on the key international policy issues of the day.


Global networking
USCIB members utilize our affiliations with the major global business organizations to develop contacts with business and government leaders around the world.

Trade facilitation
USCIB works tirelessly to harmonize international trade and commercial practices, promoting practical services to business such as international commercial arbitration and the ATA Carnet for temporary duty-free imports.


Competitive edge
By helping shape the international regulatory environment and expand market access for U.S. products and services, USCIB helps members lower the costs of doing business abroad and enhance long-term profitability.


Benefits Of Membership

·         Gain access to the key governments and international organizations that will develop rules and standards for your industry in the years ahead.

·         Obtain business-critical information about international policy and regulatory issues.

·         Leverage your legal, operational and public affairs resources by utilizing the expertise of USCIB’s expert staff and those of its international affiliates.

·         Develop contacts with business and government leaders around the world.

·         Ensure your company’s global objectives are represented through participation in USCIB committees, working groups and delegations to international negotiations.

·         Contribute to business-generated rules and guidelines for international trade operations.