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July 6, 2012


USCIB Expands Its Trade Services With New Electronic Certificates of Origin


USCIB recently launched its new electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs) service.† This new trade service, unveiled at the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America annual conference, adds to our suite of innovative services for exporters and international business professionals.


Certificates of Origin are international trade documents attesting to the origin of specified goods. Many customs authorities require them to obtain preferential duty rates or to fulfill obligations for letters of credit from a financial institution. USCIBís eCOs save time and money, bypassing the delay and expense of employing messengers to obtain certification.

eCOs offer a paperless, time-saving way to document a productís origin

After a few simple steps, and certification by USCIB, eCOs can be shared electronically or printed from any computer. USCIB has licensed eCertify, as the software provider to process its eCOs, following in the footsteps of other Carnet Guaranteeing Associations worldwide.


According to Cynthia Duncan, USCIBís senior vice president for Carnet and trade services, ďThere are many reasons to enter the CO market, especially as export and customs-related documents are increasingly going digital, allowing for a more efficient model over the current paper-based, messenger-intense standard. As a trusted name in the United States and among customs administrations around the world, USCIB has over four decades of experience in export documentation.Ē

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the world business organization that USCIB represents in the United States, is working to set international operational standards for COs, through its ICC Guidelines on Certificates of Origin and CO Task Force.


The ATA Carnet Department (recently renamed the Carnet and Trade Services Department) is now managing its online bookstore, USCIB International Bookstore, formerly known as ICCBooks USA. The USCIB International Bookstore specializes in the titles of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and in the future plans to expand its trade-related offerings. The Bookstore is the exclusive distributor of ICC titles in the U.S.



Staff Contact: Amanda Barlow

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