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Giving Business a Seat at the Table

USCIB gives business a seat at the table. We present American business views on a wide range of issues from environmental regulation to trade policy to labor relations directly to U.S. policy makers and officials in the United Nations, European Union, and a host of other governments and groups.


Members of USCIB have a direct impact on policy discussions and regulatory activities worldwide. By helping shape international regulation and expand market access for U.S. products and services, USCIB members lower the costs of doing business abroad and enhance their long-term profitability.


USCIB committees and working groups composed of senior-level business representatives from multinational companies, law firms and business associations provide expert guidance and input to key international discussions affecting American business. Members are frequently invited to join U.S. government or business observer delegations to major international summits, conferences and meetings.


The breadth and substance of our policy work gives USCIB wide-ranging capabilities to address issues of bottom-line importance to global companies. And USCIB's unique global network enables simultaneously delivery of American business views via national, bilateral, regional and multilateral channels.


We invite you to browse the latest position statements generated by USCIB and its global network. Please contact our policy staff for more information on a specific issue or statement. To learn how your organization can get involved, please our Membership Info area or contact USCIB Member Services.


Representatives of the media are invited to explore our Press Center please contact USCIB Communications for additional information or to request an interview with a member of our staff.


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