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Carnet & Export Related Information












§         Airline Hotlines



For international travel, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport four (4 hours) before departure.  Remember that you must have your Carnet validated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before leaving the U.S.  It is your responsibility to confirm customs office location and availability; see below.



§         Carnet Glossary

§         U.S. CBP: Office Hours



East Coast, JFK, La Guardia, and Newark



Midwest, Chicago



West Coast, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle



§         Foreign customs of Carnet Member Countries



§         Export Licenses



§         Know Before You Go









U.S. Federal Government

 Intergovernmental Organizations




§         International Standards Organisation (ISO)


1.       U.S. Commerce Department


§         World Customs Organization (WCO)



§         Bureau of Industry and Security (previously the Bureau of Export Affairs)


§         World Trade Organization (WTO)



§ (U.S. Government Export Portal)





Other Trade Services



§         MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (MATAAC)


§         Value Added Taxes (VAT)



§         Census Bureau


§         Currency Rates



¾         AES, Automated Export Systems


§         The World Clock



¾         SED, Shipper Export Declaration


§         Trade Counselors



¾         Foreign Trade Statistics


¾      Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg


2.       U.S. State Department


§         Freight Forwarders—some forwarders who are familiar with ATA Carnets



§         Travel Warnings & Consular Information


¾      Cavalier International



§         Passport Services and Information


¾      Expeditors International



§         Visa Services


¾      Panalpina


3.       U.S. Treasury Department


¾       Schenker



§         Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms


§         HTS Classification and Tariff Tools


4.       U.S. Department of Homeland Security


¾      Zisser Group


§         U.S. Customs and Border Protection


¾      BPE Global


¾         Importing & Exporting


¾      Pricewaterhouse Coopers



¾         CBP Offices, ports of entry


¾      Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Tariff Tool



¾         U.S. Visit

¾         Global Entry, expedited entry

¾         Help Desk


§         Insurance

¾      Avalon Risk Management: provider of cargo insurance and surety solutions for logistics companies


5.       Export-Import Bank

6.       Small Business Administration

7.       SBA's Export Planner


¾      Corporation for International Business: (USCIB ATA Carnet Service Provider) provides insurance products for ATA Carnets


8.       Overseas Private Investment Corp.


The Reading Room



¾      Roanoke Trade: (USCIB ATA Carnet Service Provider) offers cargo insurance, surety and risk management solutions for supply chain and transportation intermediaries



§         Weissman Center at Baruch: International Trade through the New York and New Jersey Region

§         Weissman Center at Baruch: International Travel and Tourism Exports and the New York Economy

§         Weissman Center at Baruch: The Economic Impact of America’s Largest Service Export: Travel &Tourism

§         Export Nation (How U.S. Metros Lead national Export Growth & Boost Competitiveness)

§         500 million (The Importance of Exporting) from UPS



¾      IB&M: provider of customs bonds and marine insurance

¾      iTrade Risk: offers insurance, bonds and support services to customs brokers and freight forwarders

¾      United Risk Consultants: provide a variety of insurance products, which include kidnap & ransom coverage, international health insurance, international liability coverage, trade credit, and political risk

§         Export Licensing, Compliance and Documentation

¾      FD Associates

¾      Leap Frog Document Services

§         International Marketing Consultants

¾      NAK Integrated Marketing


February 6, 2014