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Eric Loeb

Vice President of International External Affairs


Vice Chairs

Joe Alhadeff
Vice President, Global Public Policy & Chief Privacy Officer
Oracle Corporation

Leslie Martinkovics
Director, International Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs


Barbara Wanner
Vice President, ICT Policy
202-617-3155 or

Erin Breitenbucher
Senior Policy and Program Associate, Washington
202-682-7465 or

Who We Are

The USCIB Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Committee is composed of digital economy, privacy and government affairs professionals from USCIB member companies representing a range of industries and business sectors.


The Committee advocates for policies characterized by free and fair competition, minimal government intervention and free information flows that ensure the continued growth of ICTs in a range of strategic forums:

  • The UN’s World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
  • The OECD
  • The APEC Electronic Commerce Steering Group
  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Current Priorities

  • Advocate a multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance and promote policies and initiatives aimed at promoting private sector investment and competition.
  • Ensure that privacy regulations do not prove overly burdensome to business operations, hamper innovation, or impede legitimate cross-border data flows, while realizing regulatory interoperability.
  • Promote a risk management-based approach to cybersecurity that enables business to flexibly implement appropriate market-driven, voluntary, consensus-based internationally recognized standards.
  • Support continued private sector leadership of the technical management of the Domain Name System.
  • Oppose overly broad local data storage requirements.

Why This Matters

  • The digital economy permeates everything, and non-traditional ICT companies rely on ICTs to do their business.
  • The digital economy can deliver the solutions and innovations needed to create jobs and spur economic growth only if policies enable private sector opportunities to invest and promote cross-border data flows.
  • A shift away from the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance toward a more government-dominated approach will hamper the innovative potential of the Internet and snuff the dynamic growth of the ICT sector.


USCIB is advocating on a number of fronts for policies that do not hamper innovation and that allow ICTs to realize the tremendous potential to create economic opportunity, address social challenges and create a more inclusive digital economy:

  • At the UN, where we are actively contributing to the Review of the WSIS process, underscoring how ICTs promote economic development and realization of the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • At the OECD, where we worked through BIAC to shape the revision of the OECD Security Guidelines to ensure a risk-based approach to cybersecurity and will influence its implementation.
  • At APEC, where we are pressing for privacy approaches that are not overly burdensome on companies and continue to enable cross-border data flows.
  • In Washington, where we are working to ensure that the transition of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) stewardship functions is entirely consistent with the principles set forth by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

Recent Advocacy Engagement

The Committee has a deep technical knowledge of ICT issues and provides industry expertise in policy deliberations concerning the digital economy.  USCIB is also:

  • Engaging with U.S. government agencies to share information and align messaging about emerging issues in UN Internet governance forums.
  • Working within APEC to elevate the Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) system as a priority as well as promote U.S. leadership on an APEC digital economy agenda.
  • Actively collaborating with U.S. and foreign business groups on advocacy aimed at highlighting and seeking remedy for China’s protectionist technologies policies.
  • Shaping the transition of the stewardship of the Domain Name System to a global multi-stakeholder entity through both written comments and interaction with ICANN and U.S. government agencies.

Positions and Statements

Many companies are expected to meet conflicting requirements ICC Tackles Concerns About CrossBorder Access to Company Data (3/20/2012) - The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has issued a policy statement pointing out conflicts that can arise between law enforcement requirements and privacy commitments when governments seek access to personal data held by companies across national borders.

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News Stories

Computers_lores Progress in Digital Economy Policy in Run Up to OECD 2016 Ministerial (8/10/2015) - The OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy (CDEP) discussed progress and updates on several initiatives of the committee and related working parties. A new landmark publication, the Digital Economy Outlook, was launched and CDEP and BIAC conferred on key themes and outputs for the 2016 Digital Economy Ministerial to take place in Cancún, Mexico
WSIS+10 Preparing for WSIS+10: ICTs Needed for Sustainable Development (7/13/2015) - As United Nations Member States prepare for the General Assembly's 10-year review of the World Summit on the Information Society, USCIB participated in a stakeholder consultation on July 2 during which members emphasized that information and communication technologies (ICTs) facilitate the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Press Releases

glass Globe and Connect to cloud concept on enter keyboard Business Urges U.S., China to Minimize Tech Economy Barriers (8/12/2015) - USCIB joined technology groups urging Obama to use his summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping to improve relations for the U.S. ICT sector.
ITA_manufacturing USCIB Welcomes Expansion of WTO Information Technology Agreement (7/24/2015) - USCIB welcomed announcement of a breakthrough in WTO negotiations to expand the Information Technology Agreement.

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Op-Eds and Speeches

Peter M. Robinson Closing Remarks by USCIB Peter Robinson to OECD Ministerial on the Future of the Internet (6/18/2008) - On behalf of the business community, let me applaud Ministers for signing a Declaration that lays out a clear path to the future Internet economy. We are especially pleased to see that our vision shares many of the same hopes and expectations as those that are outlined in the Declaration.

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Staff Contact:   Barbara Wanner

VP, ICT Policy
Tel: 202.617.3155

Barbara Wanner directs USCIB’s work on information, communications and technology issues. She works with members and government officials on a wide range of international business issue that include advocating for the continuation of the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance and for policies aimed at promoting the stability, openness and innovative flexibility of the Internet. She represents USCIB members’ interests in several international forums, including the UN, APEC and the OECD.
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