International Organization of Employers (IOE)

International Organization of Employers
Membership:150 national employers federations from 143 countries


Represents business interests in social and labor matters at the global level, especially in the International Labor Organization, which sets international workplace standards and where employers are represented alongside trade unions and governments in a unique tripartite structure. Communicates business views on the ILO’s work, including on education and training, termination of employment, social security, health and safety, and labor standards, and represents employers within the ILO’s complaints and supervisory mechanisms. IOE also represents the views of business in the G20 process, the International Standardization Organization, the World Health Organization and the UN Human Rights Council, among other organizations.

Recent News

USCIB Roundtable Explores Promise of Apprenticeships (7/21/2017) - Given the role that apprenticeships play in supporting the development of business-ready skills for youth and in realizing goals of inclusive economic growth and an equitable transition to a more sustainable world, The USCIB Foundation, which is the educational and research arm of USCIB, partnered with Citi and the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) to organize a roundtable on July 20 in New York focused on apprenticeship models and practice in the U.S.
USCIB and ILO Hold Dialogue on Disabilities in the Workplace (6/23/2017) - In an effort to promote U.S. company membership in the ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN), USCIB, AT&T and the ILO held an event at the AT&T Forum in Washington DC on June 20 for business leaders, “Promoting disability inclusion globally.”

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