Top 3 Reasons To Join USCIB


1. Information

Our policy experts keep you on top of global regulatory policy developments across a wide range of issues that directly impact your operations.

2. Access

Our global network allows us to move policy from ideas to action by giving you a seat at the table in international negotiations and at the world’s largest international business networks where our voice is amplified.

3. Influence

Our credibility and non-partisan approach makes us an effective advocate to advance policy and regulatory agendas that support your interests at home and abroad.


Close to Our Members


USCIB is a member-driven organization.


Our committees, chaired by leading corporate executives and staffed by USCIB policy experts, cover over 30 international issues areas. Through these committees:

  • Information is disseminated, filtered and assessed
  • Issues are debated
  • Consensus positions are developed and advocated to decision makers

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Industry Praise for USCIB

“A unique niche at the nexus between business and policymakers.” – USCIB member since 2007

“USCIB is on top of the big global issues and puts business front and center.” – USCIB member since 2013

“USCIB has the ability to merge the macro-global issues and link them to the business case by connecting those dots.” – USCIB member since 1945

“USCIB members have access to a broad array of information, advocacy, and services found nowhere else.” – USCIB member since 1982

“In today’s world, USCIB membership is not a luxury but an invaluable and necessary resource for our global advocacy efforts.” – USCIB member since 1970



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We Work With the World

Your dues extend beyond what you pay. We leverage your investment through our global affiliate network where we represent your views as the official voice of American business and magnify the power of your investment. (learn more)

Global Impact

Global Impact keeps members abreast of the key issues we are addressing on the international front and the key regulatory and policy-making platforms we are using to do so. (read more)

Our Strategy for Success

Our job is to ensure that USCIB positions form the heart of international business positions and are reflected in the views expressed by other national business organizations to their own governments.

Celebrating Seven Decades of Global Leadership

USCIB recently turned 70! To celebrate this milestone, USCIB published a timeline of historical highlights, showcasing our U.S. business advocacy on the international stage over the course of seven decades. Download the timeline.

Washington Updates

  • Washington Update: December 2016 – January 2017 Thursday, February 2, 2017 - During the months of December 2016 – January 2017, USCIB Staff met with Everett Eissenstat of the Senate Finance Committee, Elif Eroglu of U.S. CBP, released a U.S. Competitiveness Agenda for 2017, contributed to B20 Task Forces on Trade and Digitalization Policy, participated in BIAC Tax meetings in China, facilitated a Dialogue on U.S.-China Cybersecurity, […]
  • Washington Update: October-November 2016 Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - During the months of October and November, 2016, USCIB Staff filed a 65-page submission with USTR on foreign trade barriers, testified before the U.S. Government on China concerns, launched a new Working Group on Digital Trade, led coalition meetings in Geneva pressing completion of the EGA, contributed to the OECD public consultation on transfer pricing, […]
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