Trade and Investment

What’s at Stake for Business

  • Opening global markets for trade and investment can generate much needed economic growth and job creation in the U.S. and around the world if policymakers take the steps needed to address protectionist policies.
  • Without investment, both inward and outward, economies stagnate and citizens suffer.

Current Objectives

Read the USCIB American Competitiveness Agenda 2017

  • Effective enforcement of existing trade agreements and advancing negotiations and agreements that improve market access for U.S. companies, including regional agreements in the Pacific and with Europe.
  • Updates to NAFTA to better reflect the modern economy, including the reality of North American supply chains that enhance U.S. competitiveness and the growing importance of digital trade.
  • Progress on advancing 21st century standards for the full range of services trade.
  • Removal of localization barriers to trade, restrictions in cross-border data flows, discriminatory support of SOEs, inadequate anti-bribery enforcement and eroding IP protections.
  • Investment policies that open markets through bilateral investment treaties with countries such as China and India.
  • Recognition that FDI is a necessary tool to finance and deliver innovative solutions to shared challenges such as climate change and global development.



Charles R. (Rick) Johnston
Managing Director, Global Government Affairs
Citigroup Inc.


Rob Mulligan
Senior Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs
(202) 682-7375 or

Shaun Donnelly
Vice President, Investment and Financial Services
202-617-3156 or

Christopher Olsen
Policy & Program Assistant, Washington
(202) 371-9235 or


Through our international platforms, we work closely with our unique network of relationships with business groups in other countries to address key trade, investment and regulatory opportunities to better facilitate global growth and competitiveness:

  • At the WTO, where we are advocating for robust implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement
  • At the UN and the OECD, where we are pushing for strong pro-investment, pro-FDI policies by leveraging our global business networks (ICC and BIAC).
  • In Washington, where we regularly meet with USG officials to ensure that the U.S. business position is well reflected in trade and investment negotiations.

Recent Advocacy Engagement

USCIB supports strong enforcement of trade and investment rules, and works to discourage counter-productive measures that undercut our international commitments or could lead to retaliatory measures that hurt U.S. companies and workers. USCIB seeks to offer thought leadership on the importance of opening global markets for U.S. trade and investment and is also:

  • Pursuing commercial diplomacy in cooperation with the Administration and Congress in a manner that maximizes U.S. competitiveness and brings to bear the full strength of U.S. engagement, innovation, technology and digital services, capital and best practices in order to win market share and customers.
  • On the ground in public forums around Europe and beyond to make the case that strong investment rules, including investor-state dispute settlement, are necessary to foster and protect cross-border investment, which is vital for economic growth, development and job creation.
  • Instrumental in developing B20 Trade Taskforce recommendations for G20 action on implementation of the TFA and elimination of localization barriers to trade.

Who We Are

The USCIB Trade & Investment Committee is composed of USCIB member companies representing a range of business and industry sectors. Advocacy priorities are determined that reflect consensus among the members.


The Committee promotes policies that spur market-led cross-border trade and investment, contributing to job creation in the United States and around the world using a wide range of advocacy platforms:

  • Direct engagement with U.S. government and other governments around the world.
  • Working through our global business network of the ICC, BIAC, and the IOE.
  • Participating in broad business coalitions at home and abroad.

Positions and Statements

USCIB in the News: Joint Letter Seeks Fair Play in India (2/6/2017) - USCIB has recently been cited in two articles, the Economic Times India and the International Business Times India, both of which featured a multi-industry letter that was sent to Congress regarding the United States’ role in ensuring fair play in India for American companies.
Business Urges Policymakers to Avoid Trade-Distorting Data Privacy Measures (3/21/2016) - BIAC developed a policy paper on cross-border data flows, identifying concerns with efforts by governments to restrict the flow of information.

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News Stories

OECD Secretary General Briefs USCIB Members as World Bank/IMF Meetings Get Underway (4/24/2017) - With the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund bringing finance ministers as other top officials from around the world to Washington, D.C., USCIB members on April 21 met with OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria at Citi’s offices in the capital.
BIAC Releases Trade as a Priority for All Paper (4/24/2017) - As populist discontent with international trade continues to percolate around the world, Business at OECD (BIAC) today unveiled a new paper, “Trade as a Priority for All,” with recommendations for OECD action to help build renewed support for cross-border trade.

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Press Releases

Kazakhstan to Begin Accepting “Merchandise Passports” (3/20/2017) - Kazakhstan is set to become the 76th country or customs territory to accept ATA Carnets for the temporary, duty-free importation of various types of goods, beginning April 1, according to the United States Council for International Business (USCIB), which administers the ATA system in the United States.
USCIB Welcomes Entry Into Force of WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (2/22/2017) - USCIB applauded the entry into force of the landmark WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, which will reduce the costs of trading across borders and lead to increased U.S. and foreign exports and jobs. 

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Op-Eds and Speeches

ICC’s Danilovich Writes in FT on Importance of Services to American Economy (2/21/2017) - ICC's Secretary General John Danilovich contributed an op-ed in Financial Times on the importance of services to the American economy.
TTIP: Now More Than Ever, We Need a Common Vision for the Future (1/5/2017) - Now more than ever, the U.S. and Europe must stand up for international trade and investment, writes USCIB President and CEO Peter M. Robinson.

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Staff Contact:   Rob Mulligan

Senior VP, Policy and Government Affairs
Tel: 202.682.7375

Rob Mulligan oversees our wide ranging activities on international trade, investment, economic and regulatory matters, and supervises a staff of policy professionals whose expertise covers a host of issues affecting American companies engaged in global business. He also coordinates USCIB policy and advocacy work with the U.S. and foreign governments, our international affiliates.
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