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Bringing NAFTA Into the 21st Century

As the Trump administration looks to update NAFTA, USCIB is examining how the agreement could be improved, and what provisions must be retained.

The New Administration

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International Business Winter 2017 Issue

USCIB's "International Business" Winter 2017 issue is now live! A web version can be accessed here.

International Business



Fostering Digital Transformation: The OECD’s Role

Explore how new technologies are laying the groundwork for a better world at this USCIB conference, March 8 in Washington, DC.

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No other American business organization provides its members with better access to key intergovernmental bodies worldwide.

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USCIB advocates for international regulatory regimes that recognize the essential role business plays in building a prosperous global economy and by applying American business ideas to major world challenges…

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USCIB provides a suite of trade related products and services which can help businesses save time, save money and gain the knowledge necessary in order to compete effectively in the global marketplace…

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Private Sector Unites for Action Under Paris Climate Agreement

USCIB joined representatives from over forty leading national and international business groups to endorse the Marrakesh Declaration, agreed at the High Level Business Summit on November 16 during the 22nd UN Convention on Climate Change (COP22) meetings in Marrakesh.

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