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Time to De-Escalate U.S.-China Trade Conflict, Says USCIB
Responding to statements by President Trump and China’s commerce ministry, USCIB said both parties should seek to resolve their differences via established bilateral and multilateral mechanisms.


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Governments Must Join Companies to Foster Skilled Migration
Many advanced economies are facing the labor impact of aging populations and falling birth rates, and must look abroad to fill worker shortages at all skill levels.

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USCIB Delegation Contributes to Extending a Global Pact on Chemicals

A global framework for chemicals that was to end in 2020 will be extended and include the sound management of associated industrial waste, government officials from around the world agreed at a summit in Stockholm which ended Thursday, March 15. The meeting, hosted by the Swedish government and attended by representatives of UN member states, NGOs and business and industry, aimed to draw up a global strategy for managing waste and chemicals based on agreed international standards.

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