2014 in Review: What Were You Most Interested In

Time SquareAs we approach year’s end, here are links to our most clicked-on news stories of 2014:

  1. Chemicals Regulation Top-of-Mind at APEC (August) The chemicals trade cuts across multiple industries and contributes to the production of thousands of different products, from pharmaceuticals to computer microchips. At a key APEC meeting in China, government regulators met with industry representatives and other stakeholders to discuss opportunities and challenges in the chemicals industry.
  2. Contentious UN Treaty Vote on Business and HR (June) -Global business voiced concern over a vote by the UN Human Rights Council to negotiate a binding treaty on business and human rights, saying the vote could undermine ongoing efforts to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which have garnered broad support among states, businesses and civil society.
  3. Schenk of UPS to Chair Global Customs Body (April)- The International Chamber of Commerce has named Norman Schenk of UPS to chair its Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation, a key global forum to promote customs modernization and the elimination of red tape in cross-border trade.
  4. Promoting Responsible Investment in Myanmar (September) – USCIB strongly advocates for investment and responsible business practices in Myanmar. As the country makes strides towards reform, particularly with new child labor laws, significant investment opportunities await American and other foreign companies seeking to do business in Myanmar.
  5. USCIB Forum on Business and Human Rights (September) – The UN Guiding Principles established a framework under which states are obligated to protect – and businesses must respect – human rights. USCIB organized its annual human rights forum to review how companies are integrating human rights into their operations.
  6. USCIB Rolls Out ICC Antitrust Toolkit in U.S. (September) – Antitrust laws have proliferated rapidly in recent years, reflecting society’s increasing ethical expectations about the governance of business conduct. The ICC Antitrust Compliance Toolkit offers guidelines for companies big and small seeking to build a robust legal compliance program. USCIB and ICC unveiled the toolkit in the United States, with presentations from the Department of Justice and antitrust experts.
  7. USCIB Statement on China’s WTO Commitments (October) -China’s emergence as one of the world’s largest economies means that its policies impact its trading partners. USCIB submitted a statement to the U.S. Trade Representative providing member feedback on Chinese compliance with World Trade Organization commitments.
  8. Business Appeals to WTO Members to Save TFA (July) – The United States Council for International Business expressed dismay at the failure of World Trade Organization members to begin implementing the landmark Trade Facilitation Agreement, which would have boosted the global economy by $1 trillion. Final agreement on a protocol to implement the deal was blocked by objections from India and a few other developing countries.
  9. USCIB Trade Conference Spotlights Trade Policy Challenges (November) – With the uncertain future of the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement and growing opposition to investor protections in regional trade deals, USCIB organized its first trade conference with the OECD on October 30 in Washington, D.C. to take stock of the global trade environment. The conference covered a wide range of trade and investment topics, and USTR Michael Froman gave keynote remarks.
  10. From Coast to Coast, Trade Equals Jobs(January) -Ever wonder how many jobs in your state are supported by international trade? As Congress looks at new Trade Promotion Authority legislation, you can find the answer with this helpful map from the Trade Benefits America Coalition.

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