USCIB Value Add

  • When commercial disputes arise, the dispute resolution services of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) can be relied upon to resolve them efficiently and economically.
  • Working with ICC Conferences or SICANA, USCIB’s Arbitration Committee assists in organizing conferences, seminars and corporate roundtables nationwide to educate the public about ICC’s different dispute resolution services.
  • Meet with officials from countries around the world to discuss the ICC’s arbitration system and other dispute resolution services.
  • Identify opportunities for ICC arbitration and/or ADR to be designated as a means of dispute resolution for domain name and other e-commerce disputes and in multilateral and regional instruments, such as the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and BITs.
  • Work with the U.S. Department of Commerce to distribute information on the ICC Court to commercial offices in U.S. embassies and consulates.

Magnifying Your Voice with USCIB:

  • Through its affiliation with ICC, USCIB’s Arbitration Committee serves as the primary contact point in the United States for information about the ICC International Court of Arbitration® (the ICC Court) and ICC’s wide range of dispute resolution services.
  • USCIB serves as a contact point for the ICC Court in the United States, nominates Americans to serve as members of the ICC Court and as ICC arbitrators, mediators and experts and acts as a referral source for parties seeking these neutrals or counsel in ICC proceedings.
  • USCIB participates in and nominates its members to serve on the ICC Arbitration Commission and its numerous Task Forces, such as the task forces on Drafting Arbitral Awards, Arbitrating Competition Law Issues, IT in Arbitration, Guidelines for ICC Expertise Proceedings, Criminal Law and Arbitration, Reducing Time and Costs in Complex Arbitration, European Contract Law, and “Amiable Composition and ex aequo et bono” to name a few.
  • Co-sponsor international dispute resolution seminars with international institutions, bar associations, corporate counsel organizations, and potential users of arbitration and other forms of ADR.

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News Stories

USCIB Urges Reversal of 1-800 Contacts FTC Ruling (6/18/2019) - USCIB filed an amicus brief with regards to a 1-800 Contacts, Inc. case to highlight the challenges American businesses would face
USCIB Sponsors Seminar on Mitigating Business Risk With Arbitration (6/17/2019) - USCIB/ICC USA sponsored a seminar in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 14 on international arbitration and how that state’s businesses

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Press Releases

Thevenin Joins USCIB as General Counsel (10/11/2017) - Nancy M. Thevenin has joined the United States Council for International Business (USCIB), which represents America’s leading global companies, as
Arbitration and ADR Rules ICC Unveils New Rules of Arbitration (9/14/2011) - New York, N.Y., September 14, 2011 – The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has launched a much-anticipated revised version of

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Grant Hanessian
Baker McKenzie


Nancy Thevenin
General Counsel
212-703-5047 or

Crys Won
Executive Assistant, Office of the President
212-703-5049 or




Rocky Mountain


Washington D.C.
Corporate Counsel


Transactional Lawyers
Young Arbitrators Forum

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Staff Contact:   Nancy Thevenin

General Counsel
Tel: 212.703.5047

Nancy Thevenin supports the USCIB Arbitration Committee and coordinates the work of the U.S. Nominations Committee. She works closely with USCIB’s Business Development team in ensuring a more comprehensive policy, legal and arbitration membership outreach to both law firms and corporations. Thevenin previously served as deputy director of the ICC Court of Arbitration’s North American marketing office. During her tenure, the group helped launch the ICC International Mediation Competition and developed USCIB Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF), with Thevenin drafting the proposal for the ICC to make YAF a global organization. Nancy then joined Baker & McKenzie as a special counsel in and global coordinator of their International Arbitration Practice Group. She left Baker in 2014 to start her own practice as arbitrator and mediator and continues to teach the spring semester international commercial arbitration course at St. John’s Law School.
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