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For international travel, except to Canada, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport four (4) hours before departure.

The information below is subject to change. It is the traveler’s responsibility to confirm customs office location and availability.


JFK Airport

For weekend travel, go to the International Arrivals Terminal. To have Carnets validated between the hours of midnight and 8:00am, call (718)-553-1647 to set up an appointment.

To validate a Carnet the day before departure, go to US CBP-Public Response Window at Bldg 77, 2nd floor Tel: (718) 487-2714
LocationPhone #Office Hours

International Arrivals Terminal

Terminal 4
718-553-164724 Hours


International Flights
US CBP – Ships Office, Terminal 3

Early morning flight:

British Airways

US CBP – Ships Office, Terminal 7

Early morning flight:

American Airlines

US CBP – Ships Office, Terminal 8

Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines, Luthansa, Turkish Airlines

Terminal 1 (new building)
718-751-1278Open during the hours between the first and the last flight.

Public Response Window

Bldg 77, 2nd floor
At Rockway Blvd. and Guy Brewer, near Main Post Office, Bldg 250

US CBP Cargo


LaGuardia Airport

It’s required to set up an appointment for Carnet Validation. Call the US CBP-Ships Office at: 718 476-4822, leave a message and a CBP officer will respond.
LocationPhone #Office Hours

US CBP – Ships Office

Located in the Air Canada Cargo terminal

8:30am- 9:30 pm or last flight

Newark Airport

LocationPhone #Office Hours

US CBP – Ships Office

Terminal B, Arrival Hall, Ground Floor
Entry Team 2E1 email:
973-368-68208:00am-9:30 pm

Miami Air Cargo

For information regarding CBP, Miami Air Cargo please contact 305-869-2740 or 305-869-2750

Staff Contact:   Andrew Shiles

Senior VP, ATA Carnet and Trade Services
Tel: 212.703.5079

Former FedEx executive and cargo industry veteran Andrew Shiles leads USCIB’s portfolio of trade services, including the “merchandise passports” used by thousands of exporters around the world to get goods through customs quickly and easily. Shiles works to expand U.S. trade interests through promotion of the ATA Carnet program. Shiles comes to USCIB following more than 30 years at FedEx Express, the world’s largest air express cargo company, most recently as global regulatory compliance manager, where he served on USCIB’s Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee. His leadership experience in global supply-chain management includes participation in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Simplified Entry Working Group, which redesigned and implemented the current entry-clearance process into the United States.
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