Accepts ATA Carnets for:

  • Commercial Samples
  • Exhibitions and Fairs
  • Professional Equipment

Visit ALGERIA Customs at: AlgeriaCustom

Chambre algérienne de Commerce et d’Industrie

Palais Consulaire, 6 Bd Amilcar Cabral
C.P 16003 Alger – BP. 100 Alger 1er Novembre

Tel: (213-21) 96 77 77 – 96 66 66
Fax: (213-21) 96 70 70 – 96 99 99

WWW Site:

Special Considerations

Carnets are typically limited to six months from the date of entry even though the Carnet may be valid for one year. Request and extension of the six months, or re-export the goods to a neighboring country and the re-enter.

Staff Contact:   Glendy Sung

Director of SP Audit Compliance and Business Analyst
Tel: 212.703.5073

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