At Rio Meetings, USCIB Represents Business Interests in Global Antitrust

4322_image002As U.S. companies are increasingly subject to foreign regulators and the practices of non-U.S. investigative bodies, it is imperative to ensure adequate dialogue between the private sector and government antitrust enforcers, both in order to keep the lines of communication open and to ensure that industry is aware of the ever-evolving antitrust regulations to which they may be subjected.

To that end, Charlene Flick, USCIB’s director of intellectual property and competition, took part in three key meetings in Rio de Janeiro in April: the International Competition Network (ICN) annual conference, an International Chamber of Commerce Roundtable on Competition Enforcement and Compliance, and “ICN in Brazil: The Changing World of Competition,” sponsored by the International Bar Association.

Founded in 2001, the International Competition Network is an informal, virtual network that seeks to facilitate cooperation between competition law authorities globally.  The Rio Conference focused on enforcement and compliance in competition law, including South American enforcement priorities and the business response, as well as company strategies to improve antitrust compliance.

USCIB now enjoys non-governmental advisor status in the ICN, which will increase our visibility and will allow more of our members to participate in its projects, regional workshops and annual meeting.

While in Brazil, USCIB’s Flick also met with a number of Brazil-based attorneys to discuss the current state of intellectual property protection in Brazil, and how the Brazilian bar views intellectual property law and policy as it relates to the international community.

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