BIAC Forum to Spark New Ideas for Better Healthcare

By Helen Medina 

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Health is everyone’s business. Not only do we as individuals have a stake, but policymakers need to ensure that national populations are active and healthy for the sake of their economies. OECD countries are keenly aware of this and are striving to develop and maintain sustainable healthcare systems that harness the power of innovation and achieve better health outcomes, greater productivity and well-being. We all know that health challenges are complex and there is no single solution to global problems, but business is a key component to unlocking ideas and providing answers.

Against this backdrop, the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC)  is hosting a Forum on Innovation in Health and Well-Being on May 3-4, 2016 in Paris at the OECD Headquarters. This unique two-day event will allow participants to exchange solutions and policy recommendations with high-level representatives from the business community, governments and leading voices in the field. We are thrilled that Riz Khan, a well-known international journalist and author, recognized across the globe for having had flagship TV shows on CNN International and Al Jazeera English, will moderate the discussion.

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This packed event will showcase the diversity of how business is involved in providing solutions to health care challenges. Participants will learn how the food and drink industries are investing in innovations to deliver healthier products for consumers. As employers, businesses are also providing wellness programs that empower populations and increase productivity. The business community knows that we are just one stakeholder, and the event will showcase examples of partnerships with governments and community stakeholders to reduce risk factors for chronic diseases, as well as education programs that encourage populations to become physically active and adopt healthy lifestyles.

The second day will address business views on how to create sustainable healthcare systems. We believe that a 21st century healthcare system must be patient-centered to be effective, and the integration of digital technologies is vital to making strides in areas of disease prevention and management.  And of course having stakeholder dialogue is crucial to striking a balance between encouraging innovation and improving access to new medicines. Business understands that delivering innovation requires a broad policy framework involving multiple government agencies. Government and business collaboration will be essential in all phases of research. The discussion outcomes of the meeting are relevant for the global health community.

I look forward participating in this unique opportunity and hope to see you in Paris!

Find out more about the BIAC Forum on Innovation in Health and Well-Being.


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