BIAC: Strengthen SME Financing and Global Growth

Money_globeIn response to the current low growth trap facing many economies, the newly released publication, “Financing Growth; SMEs in Global Value Chains,” advocates G20 policy consistency for long-term financial stability, investment and economic growth. It shares perspectives from government, international organizations, business and academic thought leaders.

“For SMEs to participate in global value chains and underpin economic recovery, urgent actions are needed at G20 level to better coordinate financial regulations, strengthen access to financing and training and support the sharing of information through digital platforms,” said Bernhard Welschke, BIAC secretary general, commenting ahead of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in July in Chengdu.

The publication builds on a Roundtable event held on May 31 in Paris, co-organized by BIAC, B20 China, OECD, World SME Forum and SME Finance Forum.

The publication Financing Growth; SMEs in Global Value Chains is available online here:

For further details about the Roundtable held on May 31, please see a video summary here: and webpage here:

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