BIACs Continued Dialogue on Investment OECD Investment Consultation

4855_image002The OECD plays a major role in highlighting the contribution of international investment to worldwide growth by advancing investment policy reform and international co-operation. Restrictions on FDI through various forms of investment protectionism can have significant adverse economic consequences for the global economic system and for job creation. In light of the highly competitive global environment, investors need adequate protection when making important investment decisions.

The OECD and its Freedom of Investment Roundtable have a key role to play in helping policy makers put in place a supportive business environment that eschews protectionist measures.

BIAC has urged the OECD to embark on an ambitious pro-active investment program and confirm the organization’s leading role in ensuring that markets are kept open for foreign investment, with a view to boost economic growth and foster job creation. BIAC looks forward to participating in the upcoming consultation with the OECD Investment Committee on October 15 to pursue its active dialogue in this area and to contribute to discussions on the update of the OECD Policy Framework on Investment (PFI). The PFI is an essential tool to assist governments engaged in domestic reform, regional co-operation or international policy dialogue on investment.

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