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The USCIB bookstore, in partnership with Coastline Solutions, offers a suite of online training courses. The courses are based on the rules, standards, and expert guidance developed by the International Chamber of Commerce and its network of industry experts, principally in the areas of international trade finance, trade practice (e.g., Incoterms®), and arbitration. New training programs include Going Global, for trade professionals, and ICC Arbitration Online Training.

Drafting and NegotiatingDrafting and Negotiating International Commercial Contracts

This guide provides insights into the basic requirements of a well-drafted contract. As an added feature, the volume gives an in-depth analysis of the negotiating process. It concludes with a thorough commentary on the model contracts developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the 2012 Rules on Arbitration, Incoterms® 2010 and Unidroit Principles 2010.

Written by Fabio Bortolotti, a world-renowned expert in international business law, and current chair of ICC’s Commission of Commercial Law and Practice.

The Application of Substantive LawThe Application of Substantive Law by International Arbitrators

Dossier XI of the ICC Institute of World Business Law, $100.00 per copy

Learn about the issues that arise when international arbitrators apply the rules of a national legal system. The Application of Substantive Law thoroughly reviews practical issues encountered when there is contradiction between the applicable law and the needs of international business.

This book is written for all professionals involved in international trade and dispute resolution, not just arbitrators.

Online Training for Trade, Arbitration Professionals

Going Global

Going Global – ICC Online Training on Trading Internationally
Expanding internationally, train your staff in export/import.

Going Global provides strategies to address the risks and challenges faced by trade professionals when dealing with international markets. Upon completion of the 40 hours of user-friendly modules, trainees will be conversant with trade documents, financing, commercial law and dispute resolution, e-commerce and intellectual property. Other key issues include transportation, customs, payment and finance structures. At the end of each trainee-controlled module, trainees can test their knowledge by completing an assessment, and will receive an ICC Certificate of Achievement detailing their personal results. Going Global is a must if you are going global.

ICC Arbitration Online Training

Learn the revised 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration
Gain insights into the ICC arbitration process

This 8 hour online, eLearning course provides an overview of arbitration as a method of dispute resolution and examines how the ICC International Court of Arbitration and its Secretariat operate. The course discusses the application of the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration to the ICC arbitration process.

This course consists of three modules, including eight interactive lessons providing a comprehensive review of the arbitration process; two interactive lessons providing insight into specific issues; and a final module to test your understanding of ICC Arbitration by means of an assessment.

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