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Business at OECD speaks for business at the OECD. Established in 1962, it stands for policies that enable businesses of all sizes to contribute to growth, economic development and prosperity. Through Business at OECD, national business and employers federations and their members provide expertise to the OECD and governments for competitive economies, better business and better lives.

Recent News

OECD Concludes Final Workshop on Illicit Trade in E-Commerce Series (7/28/2021) - The OECD Task Force on Countering Illicit Trade (TF-CIT) recently concluded the third and final workshop in their “Project on Illicit Trade in E-Commerce” series, focusing on the experiences of online platform operators in combatting counterfeiting. Business at OECD Anti-Illicit Trade Expert Group (AITEG) supported these workshops as part of the new public-private partnership with TF-CIT.
OECD’s Government Access to Personal Data Workstream Fails to Reach Consensus (7/14/2021) - The OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy (CDEP) held a special meeting on June 8 to consider a second update on the work of an informal drafting group on government access to personal data held by the private sector. The drafting group includes fifty-four representatives from twenty-three OECD Member countries and the European Union.

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