Business Pushes for U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness

U.S. manufacturers face high costs for inputs not produced in the United States. USCIB joined more than 200 trade groups and companies urging Congress to pass the Miscellaneous Tariffs Bill (MTB) overhaul bill quickly, which would eliminate unnecessary taxes on imported goods not available domestically. USCIB and others stated in a letter that U.S. manufacturers have faced annual tariffs of nearly $750 million since the last MTB expired in 2012, “undermining American competitiveness and the ability of these companies to retain and create manufacturing jobs in the United States.”

“This is something that we’ve been trying to get done for years,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters on Friday. “This MTB issue is something that I personally have been involved in, and I’m very excited that we have a solution now that we are moving. It is a jobs bill. It is a transparency bill. And it upholds our earmark ban, first and foremost, which is very important.”

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