Businesses Say Proposed Tax Rule Is Too Complicated

USCIB Vice President and International Tax Counsel Carol Doran Klein and Chair of USCIB’s Taxation Committee William Sample (Microsoft) were quoted in a July 6 Wall Street Journal article about the U.S. Treasury’s controversial new proposed rules to curb tax avoidance. USCIB and other groups have argued the new rules would harm common business structures.

“If it were a targeted rule, the companies wouldn’t be going nuts the way they are,” said Carol Doran Klein, USCIB’s vice president and international tax counsel. “It hits virtually everything they do.”

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Staff Contact:   Carol Doran Klein

VP and International Tax Counsel
Tel: 202.682.7376

Carol Doran Klein manages USCIB’s Taxation Committee and represents member views on key tax policies and initiatives to the U.S. government and to various international forums. She also serves as vice chair on the executive bureau of the BIAC Tax Committee, where she represents the views of U.S. business. As vice chair she participates in meetings with senior OECD secretariat officials and members of the OECD’s Committee on Fiscal Affairs.
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