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What Charges Might I Face?

Duties, Taxes and Penalties; Regularization Fees

A Carnet allows the temporary importation of merchandise without the deposit of taxes (e.g., value-added taxes, VAT) and duties or the purchase of an import bond.  With a customs claim for which there is no proof of re-exportation, duties, taxes and usually a penalty (10% of the duty and taxes) will become payable.

This VAT chart is a general reference guide. Actual taxes and duties may vary.

Regularization Fees and Penalties

Foreign customs may charge a Regularization Fee if the re-exportation counterfoil was not validated by a customs inspector upon re-exportation or if proof of re-exportation is submitted more than 6 months after the customs claims date (for the Netherlands ONLY).  The amount of this fee and its application vary from country to country.

Countries known to impose a Regularization Fee are:

Austria104.00 Euros
Netherlands90 Euros
Serbia7990.00 RSD (Serbian Dinars).
Switzerland50 - 250 CHF (Swiss Francs)
Thailand10% of import duties
No<1000 Baht & No>20,000 Baht


Countries known to impose Penalties are:

Mexico2,070 - 4,000 (MXN)
Singapore30 - 5,000 (SGD) and GST/duties where applicable
UAE500 - 5,000 (AED)
Ukraine850 - 17,000 (UAH)


USCIB Claims Handling Fees

Effective October 21, 2014:

Claim Payment to Foreign Customs

Claims Handling Fee

$1 to $150$50
$151 to $1,000$100
$1,001 to $2,500$200
$2,501 to $5,000$300
$5,001 to $7,500$400
$7,501 to $10,000$500
Over $10,0005% of the amount paid;
Maximum of $4,000


USCIB reserves the right to assess any charges on any claims that require excessive claim Examiners’ time; telephone, facsimile or postage charges; and other situations that cause financial or other loss to USCIB as a result of misuse of an ATA Carnet.

Staff Contact:   Anna Zhang

Senior Carnet and Claims Advisor
Tel: 212.703.5075

Anna Zhang supervises both foreign and U.S. Customs Carnet claims as well as payments to member countries of the ATA Carnet system. She has also worked extensively on expanding the Carnet system to China and other East Asian countries. Zhang has been affiliated with USCIB’s Carnet service since 1988, prior to which time she held positions with Svenska Handelsbanken, Boeing a nd Commerzbank.
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