Conference Highlights Need for Cooperative Efforts to Rein in Health Care Costs

“Governments and the private sector need to work together to offer innovative solutions for health promotion, disease prevention and treatment that will help address the rising health care costs and challenges presented by aging populations,” stated Nicole Denjoy, chair of the Task Force on Health Care Policy at the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD, USCIB’s affiliate.  “We need to move from sick care to health care.”

Speaking to over 100 senior policymakers, business figures and academics gathered in Paris for the OECD 50th Anniversary Health Conference on meeting the challenges of aging and multiple morbidities, co-sponsored by BIAC, Ms. Denjoy, the secretary general of COCIR (European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry), highlighted the business case for greater collaboration with governments to generate improved health outcomes and greater efficiency in the future.

She said businesses, as contributors to health budgets, employers of older workers, and providers of goods and services, have a vested interest in reducing the overall cost burden, while increasing efficiency and quality of health care.  Close cooperation with governments will help incentivize the business community to make the necessary investments today that will yield the solutions needed for tomorrow.

Despite big improvements in health since the founding of the OECD in 1961, health policies have been slow to adapt to new challenges. Ms. Denjoy said.  Addressing the health care needs of the future requires urgent attention from policymakers as the transformation for the health care system takes years to develop and implement.

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