Connect to Business Opportunities in Southeast Europe

The markets of Southeast Europe are investing in infrastructure and market development, representing an opportunity for U.S. companies to increase sales and find a strategic foothold to grow in Europe. The region features strategic ports and bustling overland trade routes to established markets, and these individual markets are all heavily investing in infrastructure growth and market development.

Trade Winds, the largest annual U.S. government-led trade mission, will lead U.S. companies and organizations to Southeast European markets in October 2017, to connect them to promising business opportunities. In nine international Trade Winds events, the U.S. Commercial Service team has facilitated more than $240 million in export sales for U.S. companies. The visit will take place from October 16-24, 2017.  The deadline for registration is August 12.

“USCIB members looking to expand into the rapidly developing markets of Southeast Europe can take advantage of this valuable service provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce,” said Mike Michener, USCIB’s vice president for product policy and innovation. “The trip also conveniently coincides with several UN meetings and conferences in October in Rome and Geneva,” added Michener.

More information is available here or by calling Dorette Coetsee at the U.S. Commercial Service in Columbia, SC, at 803-255-2623.

Staff Contact:   Michael Michener

VP, Product Policy and Innovation & Acting Program/Policy Co-Lead
Tel: 202.617.3159

Michael Michener is USCIB’s vice president of product policy and innovation, joining USCIB in early 2017. Michener is a former administrator of the U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service who has also served as a U.S. trade diplomat and association executive. Michener most recently served in Brussels as director of multilateral relations for CropLife International, representing the association before a range of international organizations – including the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, the UN Environment Program and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – on issues related to crop protection products and agriculture biotechnology.
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