Deepening OECD-China Cooperation

Trade and investment relations with China remain at the top of the international agenda, as illustrated by this week’s latest round of talks under the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. It is in this context that the BIAC China Task Force presented business perspectives to a meeting of OECD Ambassadors, national delegates and OECD secretariat officials on June 21 in Paris. BIAC representatives voiced concerns about a looming credit crunch facing the Chinese economy, as well as longer-term issues pertaining to the overall business climate and environmental pressures.

As these challenges continue to grow in China, BIAC representatives encouraged the OECD to seize this moment to advise and work with China’s new leadership on specific reforms conducive to strong and more sustainable growth, such as better corporate governance, anti-corruption and reform of state-owned enterprises. BIAC’s China Task Force is looking forward to closer cooperation between the OECD and China this year and to exploring more opportunities to engage on issues where the OECD can provide value.

A summary of the meeting and the BIAC China Task Force final presentation will be circulated in the coming weeks to USCIB’s China Committee.

Staff contact: Justine Badimon

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