Carnet Usage: Departing the U.S.

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  1. For initial departure, the Holder or authorized representative must first sign the green cover. U.S. Customs must validate the green cover and a yellow exportation counterfoil to activate the Carnet for its first use. For U.S. issued Carnets there are no exportation vouchers. Foreign customs may deny entry of goods under a Carnet if neither the green cover nor the exportation counterfoil is validated by U.S. Customs.
  2. Use a yellow exportation counterfoil (for initial departure, use No.1). Indicate only those item numbers that are leaving the U.S. in Section (1) of the counterfoil. It is the Holder’s responsibility to ensure that U.S. Customs has indicated the correct item numbers on the counterfoil especially in a partial or split shipment.
  3. Present the Carnet to U.S. Customs.
  4. U.S. Customs will then validate the counterfoil.

Staff Contact:   Dale Ogasawara

Director, Carnet Claims and Trade Services
Tel: 212.703.5071

Dale Ogasawara has been with USCIB for over twenty years and has extensive knowledge of the ATA Carnet as well as both foreign and U.S. Customs claims.

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