ICC Arbitration & ADR Commission

ICC Commission on Arbitration & ADR is a forum of experts nominated by ICC national committees that examines major issues of practical concern to international arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution.

The ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR aims to:

  • Draft and revise ICC’s Arbitration, Mediation, Expert, Dispute Boards Rules and other forms of dispute resolution rules
  • Study the juridical and other aspects of arbitration and alternative modes of international dispute settlement, and examine them in view of current developments
  • Provide reports, guidelines and best practices on a range of topics of current relevance to the world of arbitration and ADR, with a view to improving ICC dispute resolution services
  • Create a link among arbitrators, counsel and users to enable ICC dispute resolution to respond to users’ needs
  • Promote ICC’s various dispute resolution services globally

The Commission’s projects for 2017-2018 include the following:

  • Launch the commission’s latest report, Financial Institutions and International Arbitration, with a view to promoting the use of ICC Arbitration in the financial sector
  • Promote the revised edition of the report on IT in International Arbitration including new sample wording dealing with the use of IT in arbitral proceedings
  • Work on a third edition of the Guide to National Procedures for Recognition and Enforcement of Awards under the New York Convention and continue the cooperation with UNCITRAL in promoting the New York Convention
  • Examine and analyze the Emergency Arbitrator proceedings globally and under the 2012 Arbitration Rules, in cooperation with other arbitral institutions as well as national committees
  • Participate in the joint project on the litigation of antitrust follow-on actions with the ICC Commission on Competition, which includes a comparative study of court litigation, mediation and arbitration
  • Continue the collaboration with the ICC Taxation Commission on tax dispute resolution in order to share ICC’s experience in dispute resolution with the UN Tax Committee
  • Revise the Rules of ICC as Appointing Authority in UNCITRAL or other Ad Hoc Arbitration Proceedings
  • Study the probative value of witness evidence in international arbitration
  • Comment and advise on the Court’s proposal on an Expedited Procedure for Small Claims

The U.S. Delegates to the Commission can be found here.