Carnet Usage: Entering a Foreign Country

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  1. Use a white importation voucher. Complete Section D & E. Indicate only those item numbers that are entering the country in Section F(a). Specify in F(b) the intended use of the Carnet, e.g., participation in an exhibition or sales visit.
  2. Sign and date the voucher.
  3. Present the Carnet to customs at the time of entry.
  4. Foreign customs must indicate only those items that are entering in Section (1) of the counterfoil.
  5. Any customs authority has the right to restrict any shipment to less than one year.  Be sure to comply with the “Final Date for Re-exportation/production to the Customs of goods” in Section 2 of the counterfoil. If the Carnet is not restricted, the final date for reexportation becomes 12:00 midnight of the expiration date (c) printed on the green cover.
  6. The customs inspector will then validate both the counterfoil and voucher and then detach the voucher.

Staff Contact:   Anna Zhang

Senior Carnet and Claims Advisor
Tel: 212.703.5075

Anna Zhang supervises both foreign and U.S. Customs Carnet claims as well as payments to member countries of the ATA Carnet system. She has also worked extensively on expanding the Carnet system to China and other East Asian countries. Zhang has been affiliated with USCIB’s Carnet service since 1988, prior to which time she held positions with Svenska Handelsbanken, Boeing a nd Commerzbank.
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