Foundation-Sponsored Study Weighs the Impact of Future Technologies on Employment

The United States Council Foundation, USCIB’s educational arm, is supporting a series of roundtable discussions to that seek to answer questions concerning human capital requirements in the 21st century, and the impact technology is having on education and labor markets.

The second roundtable, held last February, was part of a larger grant to the Center for Curriculum Redesign, founded by Charles Fadel (the chair of BIAC’s education committee) from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The grant funded a research assistant to work with David Autor, and labor economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to update a 2003 study co-authored by Autor on “The Changing Task Composition of the U.S. Labor Market,” and to report those findings as part of the second roundtable discussion.

The summary of Autor’s findings and discussion at the second roundtable, exploring the question of “Man and Machine: the Impact of Technology on Employment,” is now available. Others who have supported this project along with the United States Council Foundation include AT&T, Dow Chemical Company, Deloitte and the McGraw Hill Research Foundation.

A third roundtable is scheduled to take place February 26, 2014 in New York City, hosted by McGraw Hill Financial.

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