G20 Business Task Forces Launched for Mexico Summit

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has joined with WEF in organizing a number of business task forces designed to feed into this June’s B20 business summit, held in concert with the 2012 G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico.  USCIB serves as ICC’s American affiliate, and USCIB Chairman Harold McGraw III, a vice chair of the world business body, is a member of ICC’s G20 Advisory Group.

In Davos, Mexican President Felipe Calderon personally invited ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier to take part in a breakfast meeting to launch task forces in preparation for the next B20 Business Summit.

Mr Calderon said he would organize individual video conferences with each working group. The aim of these task forces is to provide recommendations from global business to G20 leaders on key issues including food security, green growth, trade and investment, employment, advocacy and impact, transparency and anti-corruption, information and communication technologies and innovation, and finance.

Read more on ICC’s website.

In addition, ICC has published a review of its recent G20-related activities during 2011.  That review is available for download by clicking here.

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