Global Business and Disability Network

4690_image001According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than a billion people worldwide experience some form of disability. Many companies are learning the strategic advantage of a diverse workforce that is inclusive of disabled people.

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network is a voluntary group of multinational companies, employers’ organizations, business networks and disabled persons’ organizations, who share the conviction that people with disabilities have talents and skills that can enhance virtually any workplace.

Many countries have laws and policies related to non-discrimination and employment of disabled persons. ILO standards, disability experience and global reach can assist companies as they seek to initiate or improve practices related to disability in the workplace.

The network works with the ILO and through it, other UN agencies, governmental, non-governmental, disabled peoples, educational, and private voluntary organizations and the business community to share knowledge and information and engage in activities of mutual benefit related to disability and business.

USCIB is a member of the network, and USCIB Senior Counsel Ronnie Goldberg serves on its steering committee.


Staff contact: Ronnie Goldberg

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Staff Contact:   Ronnie Goldberg

Senior Counsel
Tel: 212.703.5057

Ronnie Goldberg advises USCIB’s president and CEO on strategic matters and represents American business at several high-level forums. She currently serves as the U.S. employer representative on the International Labor Organization’s Governing Body, and chairs the BIAC Employment, Labor, and Social Affairs (ELSA) Committee.
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