Global Business Views Presented to Mexican President Calderon Ahead of G20 Summit

Mexican President Felipe Calderon discussed business views with CEOs and experts in Puerto Vallarta.
Mexican President Felipe Calderon discussed business views with CEOs and experts in Puerto Vallarta.

Executives from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), along with partners World Economic Forum (WEF) and Mexican business associations COPARMEX and COMCE, this week delivered recommendations reflecting the priorities  of global business to Mexican President Felipe Calderon in Puerto Vallarta.

Mr. Calderon hosted a meeting of 60 CEOs and experts from various intergovernmental organizations and civil society to receive a set of recommendations from B20 task forces, which have been working together since January to frame business views and an action plan for consideration by G20 governments in advance of the G20 Summit in Los Cabos in June.

Mr. Calderon, in his remarks to the CEOs, expressed his gratitude to the business community for its work. “Today’s dialogue will help us set the policy framework that will lead us to economic prosperity,” he said. “I will provide these recommendations to my colleagues in the G20 and will organize a mechanism for business to government dialogue during the Summit in Los Cabos.”  Mr. Calderon also highlighted that this was the first time that business views had been provided in advance of the Summit, allowing governments adequate time to consider the recommendations.

“Business has an important role to play in rebuilding trust and helping to address global economic issues. Today’s challenges are too large, too complex, and too interrelated to be solved by governments alone. We all must play our part,” said Cinepolis CEO Alejandro Ramirez, who has been designated by Mr. Calderon to coordinate the B20 Summit.

The work of the B20 taskforces addressed key themes for Mr. Calderon’s presidency of the G20, including food security, green growth, employment, improving transparency and eliminating corruption, trade and investment, information and communication technology and innovation, and financing for growth and development.

Trade and investment are among the top policy priorities for ICC, because they have already made a fundamental contribution to global peace and prosperity.

“The G20 must not take trade for granted, especially in the current adverse global economic environment in which protectionist pressures are on the rise,” said Martin Senn, CEO of Zurich Financial and a leading member of the ICC G20 Advisory Group. “Furthermore, trade and investment can provide a much needed debt-free stimulus to world economic growth.”

Members of ICC’s G20 Advisory Group, which included USCIB Chairman and ICC Vice Chairman Harold McGraw III, were invited to participate in the G20 Trade Ministers meeting preparing for the Los Cabos Summit. ICC G20 Advisory Group member companies  that were represented included Telefonica, Repsol, Dow Chemical, Corporacion America, Hanwha Group, The McGraw-Hill Companies, GDF Suez, Novozymes, Schneider Electric, Energy Transport Group, Royal Dutch Shell, and Zurich Financial Services.

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