Great Opportunities Ahead for G20

Delivering an update on B20 task force work to a meeting of ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group deputies in Paris last week, Robert Milliner, Australia’s B20 Sherpa, said that the G20 was starting to recognize business issues and that great opportunity lay ahead thanks to agreement among all G20 leaders that economic growth and job creation were their key drivers. The way forward now, he said, was to refine work to provide even more specific recommendations to G20 leaders.

Speaking to the representatives of business leaders from major corporations at ICC’s global headquarters, Milliner said that ICC’s B20 role was important to building a continuity framework, as presidency changes from year to year, and expressed appreciation for the experience ICC brings to the process. Milliner went on to outline B20 progress and gave an overview of plans for the G20 Summit, set to take place this July in Sydney ahead of the G20 leaders’ summit later in the year.

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