ICC Activates Integrated Approach to Trade Facilitation

Anthony Barone of Pfizer chairs ICC’s Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation.
Anthony Barone of Pfizer chairs ICC’s Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation.

At the Paris headquarters of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) this week, a new ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation held its first meeting, establishing an agenda to expand the world business organization’s work on trade facilitation to include international multi-modal transport and logistics issues.

Providing a global, cross-industry business forum, the consolidated commission seeks to take an integrated approach to trade facilitation, encouraging issue consolidation and coherence in ICC policy-making that is in line with ICC’s ultimate objective of facilitating global trade.

The commission is chaired by Anthony Barone, director of global logistics policy with Pfizer Inc. “The objective of the new commission is to identify strategic issues that will have a material impact on trade,” noted Barone. “Ideally we would like to achieve significant modernization rather than incremental steps.”

USCIB members will play an active role in the commission’s work, both directly and via USCIB’s very active Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee, which is chaired by Jerry Cook (HanesBrands).

“Determining procedures to facilitate trade by combining the expertise of specialists in customs and transport is a tremendous contribution to world trade and therefore to job creation,” said ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier. “ICC is enthusiastic about the potential of this new approach to attract new member companies to our work, as they see for themselves the advantage of working together.”

Commission projects for 2013 include producing guidelines for traders and providing input on customs valuation and classification to the World Customs Organization.

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Staff contact: Nasim Deylami

More on USCIB’s Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee

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Megan Giblin manages USCIB’s work on customs policy, and provides support on trade and investment policy, handling issue management, policy development, and staff support for USCIB committees and working groups. Additionally, she serves as an International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) representative to the World Customs Organization’s Harmonized Systems Committee.
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