ICC Dispute Resolution

USCIB or ICC USA is the U.S. National Committee to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and serves as a contact point in the United States for the ICC’s multi-faceted dispute resolution services.

Among other things, USCIB/ICC USA:

  • Nominates U.S. Members to the ICC Court

Since 1923, the ICC International Court of Arbitration® (“ICC Court” or “Court”) has handled over 22,000 international commercial cases from over 180 countries and territories. Demand for its services grows yearly in line with the expansion of international trade and globalization.

The ICC Court is a unique feature of ICC Arbitration.  It is not a “court” in the ordinary sense, but a body composed of approximately 125 lawyers and legal experts from around the world. The Court’s members are drawn from more than 100 different countries and every continent. Because of the legal and cultural diversity of its Court members, the ICC is the world’s most widely representative dispute resolution institution. As the ICC arbitration body, the Court’s function is to ensure the application of the ICC Rules.

Almost from its inception the ICC Court has always has a U.S. member. Today, U.S. representatives serving a three-year term are USCIB members Grant Hanessian and Maria Chedid. Also on the Court serving as Vice Presidents at the invitation of the ICC Court President, Alexis Mourre, are USCIB members Claudia Salomon and Mark Friedman.

  • Nominates U.S. Arbitrators, Mediators and Experts to Serve in ICC cases

When it comes to the appointment of arbitrators, the ICC – unlike other arbitral institutions – enjoys the support of national committees in approximately 90 different countries. When required to appoint arbitrators, mediators or experts, the ICC Court very rarely makes direct appointments, it instead requests the appropriate National Committee (determined in light of venue, the governing law and other factors) to propose these experts for ICC appointment, thereby tapping into a large international pool of experienced people.

USCIB is the ICC’s U.S. national committee, and when the ICC Court or the ICC ADR Centre asks us to do so, we propose U.S. nationals with the required qualifications for each case. This process is administered by the USCIB Arbitration Nominations Commission.

  • Nominates U.S. members to serve on the ICC Arbitration & ADR Commission and its Task Forces

The Arbitration & ADR Commission is a forum for international experts to pool ideas, exchange views and create policies related to international dispute resolution. The Commission issues reports, articles, creates rules (e.g., ADR, Expertise, Dispute Boards) and participates in all modifications to those rules. We are represented on the Commission by the U.S. Delegates to the ICC Arbitration & ADR Commission.

  • Maintains a Database of U.S. Arbitrators, Mediators and Experts

To help increase the chances of being considered for nomination on ICC cases, please create a (free) profile on USCIB’s Arbitrator/Mediator/Expert Database.

This database is applicable for all U.S. citizens, wherever located, interested in being considered for ICC matters, and for any non-U.S. citizen professionals residing in the United States.

  • Organizes Conferences, Seminars and Corporate Round-tables

Working with ICC Conferences, SICANA and/or ICC North America, USCIB’s Arbitration Committee leaders assist in organizing conferences, seminars and corporate roundtables to educate the public about the different ICC dispute resolution services. The committee conducts regional briefings on the ICC arbitration system, and sponsor conferences for practitioners on current issues in international arbitration and ADR. The committee also co-sponsors international dispute resolution seminars with international dispute resolution institutions, bar associations, corporate counsel organizations, and potential users of arbitration and other forms of ADR. Finally, USCIB/ICC USA co-hosts with ICC U.S. based conferences on ICC dispute resolution services, including the ICC New York and Miami conferences.

  • Acts as a referral source for parties seeking neutrals to serve in ICC arbitration proceedings

When an American person or corporation is trying to nominate an arbitrator, mediator or expert, USCIB provides a list of people from the database.

  • Answers questions about the ICC’s Dispute Resolution services

Today, USCIB is one of three resources provided by the ICC in North America. Questions about the ICC’s dispute resolution services including arbitration, mediation, dispute boards or expertise proceeding can be answered by SICANA, ICC North America or us by contacting Nancy M. Thevenin, General Counsel at nthevenin@uscib.org or at 212-703-5047.

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