ICC Marketing Commission Advances Global Advertising Standards

ICC’s Marketing and Advertising Commission met near an epicenter of advertising, New York’s Times Square.
ICC’s Marketing and Advertising Commission met near an epicenter of advertising, New York’s Times Square.

In early June, marketing experts from around the world gathered in New York as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)’s Commission on Marketing and Advertising held two days of meetings, at the headquarters of News Corporation, to address emerging challenges in mobile marketing, alcoholic beverages and a number of other areas.

ICC, the world business organization for which USCIB serves as the American national committee, has served for many years as the standard-bearer in developing respected industry advertising standards worldwide. The commission is chaired by Brent Sanders (Microsoft), who also chairs USCIB’s Marketing and Advertising Committee.

Digital communications were top of mind for many commission members. A working group chaired by David Fares (News Corp.) weighed the possible development of new rules on marketing to mobile devices, and reviewed current regulatory initiatives as well as technical solutions designed to promote consumer choice, and protect privacy, in an increasingly mobile environment.

“We had a good discussion of the various programs and tools being developed to ensure company compliance with the EU’s e-privacy directive and self-regulatory programs to address online behavioral advertising,” said Sheila Millar (Keller & Heckman), a vice chair of the commission. “Industry is being pro-active in the face of fast-moving technological changes, demonstrating that it takes both choice and privacy seriously.”

Alcohol framework

The commission agreed to develop a new global framework for responsible marketing of alcoholic beverages, responding to global commitments for robust rules that can serve as a baseline for the establishment of local codes in markets where these do not already exist. An experts’ group discussed a draft guide, which identifies existing principles from the Consolidated ICC Code of Marketing and Advertising and offers interpretation and further guidance to help marketers and self-regulatory authorities. The final product may be ready as early as this fall.

“This voluntary effort, initiated from within the alcohol beverage industry, reflects the goal of the industry to act responsibly around the world,” observed Carla Michelotti (Leo Burnett Worldwide), the vice chair of USCIB’s Marketing and Advertising Committee and a member of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council in the United States. “These voluntary principles, if adopted by ICC, would certainly have a significant impact on advertising for alcohol beverages in many countries where no self-regulation is in existence.”

Looking to the Asia-Pacific

USCIB and ICC are also working with other stakeholders to encourage further progress on advertising standards within the Asia-Pacific region. Alongside relevant sectoral associations in several APEC countries, we are supporting initiatives by the Australian government and advertising standards body. At a dialogue last November in Vietnam, APEC governments, industry and experts from economies using globally aligned advertising standards recommended further work towards a common APEC approach, including educational and capacity-building programs.

Also at the meeting, John Manfredi, the former longtime chair of the ICC Commission and USCIB’s Marketing and Advertising Committee, was presented with the ICC Merchant of Peace Award by USCIB Chairman and ICC Chairman-elect Terry McGraw, the CEO of McGraw-Hill Financial. Manfredi, managing partner with Manloy Associates, and previously an executive with Proctor and Gamble, Gillette and Nabisco, led efforts to develop and revise ICC codes and guidance resources on topics such as environmental advertising, marketing and advertising on the Internet, and food and beverage marketing. Click here to read more about the award presentation on ICC’s website.

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