ICC Pledges to Take Outcome of Rio+20 Forward

Rio+20The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) welcomed the outcome document of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, as a stepping stone to achieve sustainable development while helping to eradicate poverty.

ICC also applauded the confirmation of the decisive role of multilateral approaches across all policy areas by governments and intergovernmental bodies to achieve a green economy. Only by striving towards a holistic and global policy framework can we enable governments, business, and all parts of civil society to scale-up and deliver solutions for sustainability.

Rio+20 has recognized that business plays a vital role in implementing sustainable development and the outcome document of the conference paves the way for increased engagement by all stakeholders, including the private sector, toward achieving green and more inclusive economies. ICC, however, also recognized the many interlinked sustainability and policy challenges remaining to scale-up and accelerate implementation for sustained, inclusive and equitable global growth.

“Rio+20 set out to provide a vision for implementing sustainable development and the outcome document helps chart a path,” said Jean-Guy Carrier, ICC Secretary General. “All of us – business, governments, civil society – now have a great challenge but also a historic opportunity and responsibility to take that vision forward by scaling up efforts to adapt to the 21st century, mainstreaming sustainability into all areas of our lives.”

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Staff Contact: Norine Kennedy

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