ICC Responds to the EC Proposal on Third-Country Access to Internal Procurement Markets

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC’s) Task Force on Public Procurement has responded to the European Commission’s (EC) proposed changes and updates to procurement rules for approval by the European Parliament and Council.

ICC’s response aims to promote discussions and foster further evaluations of the potential consequences of the proposal made on March 21, 2012. For the EC, the proposal should be urgently passed by the European legislative bodies due to the reluctance of some non-European Union (EU) countries to open up their markets further in the course of on-going multilateral or bilateral trade negotiations.

The task force reasserted that ICC, in accordance with its mandate, cannot support any instrument purporting to limit access to markets, irrespective of the developments in trade policy that may have prompted its introduction. Parts of the EC proposal might lead to such limitations, the task force concluded.

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Staff Contact: Shaun Donnelly and Justine Badimon

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