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Sole Practitioners Program

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membership info

Sole Practitioners Program

USCIB Sole Practitioners Program


Why Join?

USCIB is the exclusive representative in the United States for ICC’s multifaceted dispute resolution services.  Through its affiliation with ICC, USCIB serves as the U.S. link to ICC's International Court of Arbitration, one of the world’s leading international arbitral institutions. The USCIB Arbitration Committee is the primary vehicle whereby Americans are proposed to serve as arbitrators in ICC arbitration proceedings, either at the request of the Court or parties. On request by a party or the Court, the committee also handles Mediation and Expertise appointments.  It is also active in organizing seminars, conferences and corporate roundtables, and answering questions regarding the arbitration process and other ICC dispute resolution services.



The Sole Practitioner membership is an individual membership available to attorneys and arbitrators in private practice.  This membership group aims to give individuals, who are not associated with a law firm or a company the same opportunities within the Arbitration Committee available to members of USCIB.  This special membership opportunity is only available for the Arbitration Committee, and Sole Practitioners would not be granted access to other USCIB policy committees.


Benefits for Sole Practitioners

Sole practitioners become members of the USCIB Arbitration Committee. In addition, Sole Practitioners have access to the ICC Arbitration Commission, and are be eligible to serve on ICC task forces.  Examples of current task forces include: Task Force on Dispute Boards, Task Force on IT in Arbitration, Task Force on Suggested ICC Clauses for Expertise, and Task Force on Guidelines for ICC Expertise Proceedings.  In addition, when making arbitral selections and referrals, USCIB Members and Associates are given first consideration.


Other Benefits and Services

All USCIB Sole Practitioners receive

ü       Special briefings and seminars on business topics, geared exclusively for USCIB Associates and Sole Practitioners, plus invitations to USCIB’s Annual Award Dinner and other functions.

ü       Create a user profile as a member to the USCIB Arbitration/Mediation/Expertise Database.

ü       Discounted membership rates for USCIB/ICC Conferences, Meetings, and Luncheons related to Arbitration.

ü       Newsletters and e-mail updates on a range of topics, such as the Arbitration Quarterly Newsletter.


Annual Cost


(USCIB Sole Practitioners are billed annually at the beginning of the quarter in which they joined.)


How to Join

There is no application to join USCIB’s Sole Practitioner Program.  Please contact USCIB’s Membership department at indicating that you would like an invoice forwarded to you.  Once payment is received, you will be considered a USCIB Sole Practitioner and added to relevant committees and working groups.