Investment in Africa: A Positive Shift in U.S. Policy

By Shaun Donnelly

Investment Policy Central

“Recent White House and Cabinet-level speeches, press releases, and fact sheets, appear to show what may be a subtle shift in the Obama Administration’s  high-level rhetoric on U.S. investment abroad, at least when it comes to investing in Africa.  While the Administration has become a strong advocate for inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), seeking foreign companies to invest in the U.S. economy, it has heretofore been noticeably hesitant to say anything positive about outbound investment by U.S. companies, at times promulgating the negative effects of outbound FDI on the U.S. economy by equating it to “outsourcing” and “exporting U.S. jobs.” But last week, in the context of the impressive U.S- Africa Leaders Summit, we’ve noticed some very positive language in support of investment in Africa, coming from the very top of the Administration.”

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