IOE Unveils First Policy Brief on Womens Economic Empowerment

women workplaceGender equality is a key business priority. The International Organization of Employers (IOE) commits to tackling gender discrimination in the workplace; to promoting access to equal education, training and career opportunities; to encouraging women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship; and to contributing to the global effort to increase the participation and integration of women in the workforce.

To this end, the IOE secretariat has worked with member organizations and partners to produce its first Policy Brief on Women’s Empowerment.

“Issues surrounding women’s economic empowerment affect countries at every level of development and every company,” said Ronnie Goldberg, USCIB’s senior counsel who was involved with IOE policy brief. “USCIB welcomes this IOE initiative, which promises additional platforms for advocacy, exchange of best practice and demonstration of the commitment of business to ensuring workplace equality.”

In further activity to intensify the IOE’s work in this area, representatives of the IOE secretariat and 29 member federations joined other specialists from the World Bank, Deloitte, the Centre for International Private Enterprises (CIPE) and the International Labor Organization at a conference organized by the ILO Training Center in Turin entitled Employers’ Organizations and Women Entrepreneurs: How to reach out. The event took stock of the achievements of employers’ organizations in supporting female entrepreneurs.

Staff contact: Ronnie Goldberg

Staff Contact:   Ronnie Goldberg

Senior Counsel
Tel: 212.703.5057

Ronnie Goldberg advises USCIB’s president and CEO on strategic matters and represents American business at several high-level forums. She currently serves as the U.S. employer representative on the International Labor Organization’s Governing Body, and chairs the BIAC Employment, Labor, and Social Affairs (ELSA) Committee.
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