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Why You Should Consider Joining USCIB

The most critical business risks on a global scale are concentrated in the areas of regulations and compliance.   At USCIB, our reputation as a pro-trade, pro-business organization that leads the way in ensuring clear, predictable rules and regulations under which business can plan, invest and innovate has made us a “must have” partner for American business interests since 1945.  (link to USCIB At A Glance)New)

Today, our members are drawn from the top ranks of American business and service companies, smaller firms with significant business overseas, leading professional service firms as well as national industry associations representing a broad range of industry sectors and boasting business operations in nearly every country on earth.( Link from members to


They join USCIB for many reasons.

They value our ability to be heard in the halls of Congress and in the Executive branch of the U.S. government where USCIB is respected as an independent and trusted proponent for American business. (Link to DC Update – where is it? )

They need our global platform to have their voice heard at the world’s three largest business organizations where policy is debated that becomes accepted guidelines for business around the world.  They need us because USCIB is the only U.S. business group formally recognized to speak for American business inside those three organizations:  the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the OECD and the International Organization of Employers. link to affiliates screen

They use us to monitor and cover the waterfront of forums and events here and abroad on a wide range of issues affecting energy and environment, human rights and corporate social responsibility, tax, information technologies, trade, investment, financial services, customs, intellectual property, China and APEC that no one company can do on its own  – large or small.  And they appreciate our ability to filter vast amounts of critical business intelligence into meaningful action. (link to What’s New)

They work with us to leverage their own public affairs and government relations through access to our policy experts and the work done through our committee process where they can bring issues to the table and have consensus positions developed that go on to form the basis for our advocacy.  link to list of committees)

And they may value our business services such as ATA Carnet, a customs document saving them time and money on temporary exports and imports through our member-bond program. (link to ATA Carnet)

Whatever the reason, USCIB members have access to a broad array of information, access, advocacy and services found nowhere else.

How Can I Join?

USCIB membership is open to corporations, law firms, consulting firms and industry associations.  Once you join USCIB, your company or organization is entitled to take full advantage of our resources and services.  You may assign as many executives as you wish to USCIB committees, working groups and task forces.   Dues are determined using a formula that calculates domestic and international revenues to determine a fair level for each member on an individual basis in consultation with our membership department.

Limited memberships are available for chambers of commerce and sole legal practitioners.  Chambers of Commerce at the state or local level join USCIB to access ICC’s World Chambers Federation, a network of more than 10,000 chambers of commerce worldwide.

Sole legal practitioners wishing to take part in ICC arbitration and dispute resolution activities may join the Sole Practitioners Program.

Annual dues for both categories of membership start at $500 USD.

For more information, please contact Alison Hoiem, Manager Member Services at XXXXXXXXX.

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Visit the membership area of our web site to learn more

Staff Contact:   Alison Hoiem

Vice President Membership
Tel: 202.682.1291

Alison Hoiem manages USCIB’s Member Services department and works to ensure that USCIB’s policy priorities are aligned with the needs of members. She also works to recruit new members to USCIB. Prior to joining USCIB in 2008 as membership assistant, she served as an account executive at several public relations agencies, where she worked with a number of association clients.
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