Top 3 Reasons to Join USCIB

1. Access

When you join USCIB, you join the world. As the sole American affiliate to three of the world’s largest business organizations, our global network allows us to move policy from ideas to action. Your voice is amplified and you have a seat at the table in international negotiations in the multilateral organizations where decisions are made.

2. Advocacy

USCIB’s staff of global regulatory issue experts are on the front lines supporting member views on a wide range of policy battles. From trade policy to taxes to sustainable development and climate to IP protection and corporate responsibility, USCIB is there to support your interests.

3. Action and Assistance

USCIB members have access to a broad array of information, advocacy and services found nowhere else including publications and events, dispute resolution, and the ATA Carnet service to expedite temporary tax and duty-free imports overseas.



Join USCIB: Unrivaled Benefits