March Book of the Month

4974_image002USCIB is offering ICC Model International Sale Contract as March’s Book of the Month. Please enter the code Mar10 to receive the discount.  This offer is good through March 31, 2015.

“ICC Model International Sale Contract” gives clear directions to sellers and buyers of manufactured goods on how to construct a sales contract. This edition takes into account recent developments in international business and trade finance. It incorporates the latest trade rules, ICC’s Incoterms® 2010, as well as the new Bank Payment Obligations (BPO) rules developed jointly by the ICC Banking Commission and SWIFT.

It is a time-saving tool for those in trade, business, law and all parties involved in import/export and cross-border sales transactions for any kind of manufactured goods.  This book includes the text of the model on a CD-ROM.

Staff Contact:   Eric Robinson

Accounting and Claims Mitigation Analyst
Tel: 212.703.5078

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